Review: Firefly Music Project

2005_serenity_logo_001 The Firefly Music Project is a group of musicians from Austria and Germany who have banded together to write and record come amazing tracks about Firefly and Serenity.  It is nearly impossible to explain the quality and the passion of these people without listening to their music. They are in the process of building their own site, but can for the time being be found on MySpace.

Can’t Stop the Signal (download here)

stars-5 An 80’s style rock anthem dedicated to Firefly, and it mentions Buffy and Angel.  I never thought I would hear a Rock tribute to Joss Whedon, but now I know I should have.  The clip of Joss at the breakdown made me should, “Hell Ya!”  For some reason this song reminds me of “We want the Airwaves” by the Ramones.

Reaver (download here)

stars-5 A metal track with a simple message: Fear the Reaver.  The foreboding guitar silhouette’s the the song dark black against the clips from the show and the lyrics.

River (download here)

stars-5 Amazingly beautiful song that tells River’s story. Chills ran up and down my spine as I listened to this song.  The clips from the show/movie are almost enough to make you cry.  The Guitar feels the song with a haunting rhythm as Nic sings the song from River’s point of view.

Serenity (download here)

stars-5 This song reminds me of a Moody Blues song.  This is a true love song to the ship.  Mellow, and oddly heartwarming, this song brought a smile to my face and made me want to instantly sing along.

Kaylee’s Lament (download here)

stars-5 Sheena sings this whimsical song from Kaylee’s point of view about her love for the doctor and how he never seems to notice her.  Hauntingly beautiful.  I hate to keep saying that, but it is the only words that fit.

This Land (download here)

stars-4 This is a techno song, which is very different from the others.  It is a good song, but compared to the others, this song is not nearly as powerful.  It need to make sure I have it on disk to give to DJs at the conventions I go to.  It would be fun to dance to, but I am not sure how often I would just listen to it.

Unsere Crew-Serenity (download here)

stars-4 This song is in German.  The title is Our Crew- Serenity.  It is a good song, and unfortunately suffers by comparison to the others.  It is a sort of role call song, where every character introduces themselves and talks about their story.

Final Thoughts

I hope they stick to the acoustic, rock, and metal style that sets them apart as one of the most interesting filk groups I have ever heard.