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Ghost Hunting at The Gates to Hell

GHI investigates a castle reputed to have been built over the gate to hell.  In the Czech Republic Houska Castle.  This is a great episode with some really neat activity.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

I love when GHI went around Houska Castle and discussed the various tales and history of the location that could fuel the activity that the site presents.  My top two points brought up are:

  • The construction of the castle is contradictory to the typical reasons for building a castle.  It's location does not provide any strategical benefit and it does not have any natural resources within it to keep it's inhabitants alive during a long siege if one were to occur.
  • The local lore about the "pit to hell" that the castle is believed to be built over.  The tale of this large and believed to be bottomless pit:  The local leader offers a pardon to any death row prisoner who would be willing to get lowered into the pit to find out how deep it goes.  They get a volunteer and lower him into the pit.  After a while the prisoner panics and screams pleading to be pulled up.  They aren't able to discern how deep the pit goes.  The prisoner's hair all turns white and he goes insane.  He is committed to an insane asylum where he dies several days latter.  I love this spooky tale and they tell it better within the context of the show.
Houska Castle, Czech Republic
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******spoiler alert**************

There are many points of activity that I liked from this episode here are my favorite two:

  • The investigators are in the attic getting ready to do an EVP and decide to antagonize some activity from the place.  He throws a rock and challenges anything around to do the same.  A moment latter there is a sound like something being thrown back.  I love that, since it could be a sign of an intelligent haunting.  Unfortunately that team did not have any kind of infrared on them nor did they have any of the full spectrum cameras to scan the area for any kind of animals.  Some have claimed that there could have been a cat but the sounds are of something thrown not falling and bouncing and not any kind of critter scurrying along.  Listen to it yourself and let me know what you think of it?
  • They are in the basement with the "devils chair".  The camera is on the investigator in the chair and a hanging pot next to the chair while they are checking out the area.  The pot suddenly moves while the camera is still on it.  No one was near the pot and because of the style of shooting being done any kind of wire work would literally glow in the shot.  It's really cool watching this happen.

A couple of things I wished they had done better with this episode... some lost opportunities.

  • I wished the GHI team could have got their hands on some of the cool sonar equipment.  Like the stuff being used in Egypt to search for hidden chambers through rock.  What I would like to see is someone use that equipment on the floor of the room that is supposed to be over the pit to hell.  This way they could verify if there is a giant pit under the castle and maybe even determine how deep it actually is... though if it is a deep as it is rumored to be then that equipment would not have the power to detect it's full depth.
  • There is a part when the GHI team brings in a dog.  The theory is that animals can perceive things that are out side of human perception.  I thought this was a great idea but the execution and processing of the data was sad.  First I wished they would have rigged the full spectrum camera onto the dogs head this way we could see full spectrum what the dog was focusing on.  Secondly the GHI team does not read the dogs body language and misses some odd things in the dogs behavior.  When watching that scene focus on the dog's behavior.  Repeatedly the dog stops focuses on something quickly while the dogs tail and ears drop into a more submissive position.  The dog lets it's attention linger on whatever it is that caught it's attention then the dog makes a kind of growl/bark sound and goes about it's business like normal raising up it's tail and ears.  This behavior repeats a couple of times and in some interesting places / directions.  I wished the GHI team would have picked up on that behavior since it is suspicious and the dog was trying to alert the team to something.  After watching that scene with the dog what do you think of the dogs behavior?

This was a fun show with many paranormal events that are there for us to watch and speculate on.

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