house of flying daggers

WTF: Sam Raimi's House of Flying Daggers?

House of Flying Daggers is a truly fantastic foreign film and today while doing some morning reading of Production Weekly I discovered Sam Raimi it seems is going to be remaking the movie. The trend of remaking films is definitely getting out of hand when we start remaking classic asian films which feel like they were literally just released (MoviesOnline).

If this is ture, then Hollywood is truly out of ideas!  It is bad enough that they are spending all their time and money on remaked of classic movies instead of making new and original films, but when they start making remaked of films that are 4 years old, that is just too far.

I am hoping that this is just a rumor, and there is nothing to it.  /film took down the article they wrote on the project.  I would love to believe that they found proof it isn't true, but then. if that were the case, they would have reported that instead of just deleting their post.

I know we have debated about remakes before, but 4 years is no where near enough time to remake a classic film.