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True Blood Season 2 DVD Suck It Up

Exploring: True Blood Season 2

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True Blood Season 2 is available on DVD May 25th 2010 and I can't wait to sink my teeth into it!

  • Fun, dark storyline that doesn't leave me feeling dark or depressed afterward.
  • They explore many great social motifs with out getting preachy.
  • Realistic Characters that are brilliantly acted
  • Well serialized:  Not only complete episodes but they all flow together to tell a full story for each season

Season Two Main Plots:

Eric sends Sookie and Bill to find the disappearance of Godric a 2,000 year old vampire sheriff for area 9, Dallas.  Jason continues to seek his purpose in life with the Fellowship of the Sun.  Meanwhile Maryann continues to influence the town and it's residents resulting in growing mayhem.

I have to find out what has happened to Lafayette Reynolds.

Motifs Explored

True Blood is much more then just a vampire show.

  • It's a refreshing TV series with each episode complete in and of themselves yet they also have very good transitions between episodes telling a full larger story.
  • Explore many social motifs like:
    • Homosexual rights:  The vampires are used symbolically to represent the real life struggle in the gay community.
    • Drug Use:
    • Religion and abusing religion to fuel hate

True Blood Suck It Up!

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