Will Aliens Be the New Vampires?

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With the success of recent films like the Transformers movies and District 9 (and to a lesser extent, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which is the 26th highest grossing film worldwide), it seems like Hollywood is going alien crazy, giving the green light and putting a lot of alien-based stories in development — more than ever before. In a couple years, will aliens be the new vampires?  -(via /Film)

Will Aliens be the New Vampires?

No, the rise in interest in alien movies is just part of the Hollywood system.  The very same system that will also decide people aren’t interested in Aliens as much as Vampire’s.

Hollywood has a past track record for starting many projects to hedge their bet on what the next big fad will be.  Many of these projects get dumped or shelved after the sales numbers come in.

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The sales numbers are not so good for alien movies.  Transformers and Indiana Jones are franchises in their own right and won’t be thought of by the studios as alien movies.

There are also a lot of superhero movie projects in the works.  Could the superhero movie be the next thing?  With such a diverse story and setting potential there is a lot more that could be explored in this area on the big screen.

Vampire movies are still bringing in a lot for the studios.  Do you think they will continue doing more of them?  I hope not, it pains me to say that but with so many bad ones out there I would like for it to be given a rest.

What would you like to see as the next movie phase?

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Racebending in The Last Avatar: Removing the Excuses

avatar: the last airbenderAs a fan of the series, 'disappointment' is a definite and deep understatement! I mean for Hollywood to do this is nothing short of a shameful big F**K UP! I agree with Eric about Speculative or Fantasy Fiction writing. I'm a fan of fiction both science and fantasy and you can't help but notice that the vast majority -- I'm talking close to 100%-- of fantasy worlds or planets inhabited by humans have people entirely if not predominantly white and have societies based on European culture!! The ONLY exception I could think of is the Earthsea novels by Ursula le Guin, but even then once her books get translated into movies (the Scifi channel), most of the leading roles are white!! Part of what made the series so popular was the uniqueness of having a fantasy world that is populated by NON-white people for a change and whose culture was NOT European based or influence!! And for Paramount to screw this up with white leads is as ridiculous as it is insulting!!

Racist Apologetics

By the way, I am sickened by the same racist apologist comments I've come across the net about this situation! Here are the three most common ones:

1. "It's a fantasy world, with no 'Asian' continent or people; why not have some racial diversity..."

2. "Wouldn't be unfair to whites to have all the lead roles go to Asians?"... (I laughed at this second excuse when I first heard it, but after a while of hearing over and over again these white idiots apparently were serious!!)

3. "The characters don't look white in the cartoon; look at their eyes"

It's a fantasy world

As for excuse # 1, I pretty much answered that above-- when it comes to fictional stories and how all of them are populated by white characters especially in leading or starring roles. I mean in J.R.R. Tokien's 'Lord of the Rings' series it was never stated that the peoples or characters were 'white' but what else were they suppose to be in a story based on Norse mythology?!! I mean you never saw New Line Cinema try to find "racially diverse" people even for the extras (save for the 'Arab-like' enemies) let alone leading roles, all of which were expected to non other than white!!

Would it be unfair to whites for all the lead roles go to Asians?

2. Is a no-brainer for anyone who has the most basic knowledge of Asians in the film industry. Even in movies and shows centered on or based on Asians the lead almost ALWAYS goes to whites! From David Carradine in Kung-Fu to the most recent movie '21' whose starring roles were based on Asian Americans but were still portrayed by whites, while meanwhile having Asian actors play their sidekicks!! So don't me about "unfair"!!

Look at their eyes

3. While the series is NOT anime, it was inspired by anime and manga/ Korean manwa drawing styles where the eyes are drawn large for convience of conveying emotional expression alot easier! As for eye color, the only reason why the characters Sokka and Katara have blue eyes is because they descend from water benders!! In the Avatar world, bright eye color is a sign of element bending-- air benders have gray eyes, earth benders have green eyes, fire benders have yellow eyes, and water benders have blue eyes. It is NOT a "caucasian" trait as they are NOT caucasian. And of course "the eyes" are the ONLY thing these white idiots like to focus on because EVERYTHING else about them is obviously Asian!!

I know that such racist white people are in the minority but apparently it's whites like these that continue to perpetuate this kind of bullsh*t in Hollywood!

WTF: Sam Raimi's House of Flying Daggers?

House of Flying Daggers is a truly fantastic foreign film and today while doing some morning reading of Production Weekly I discovered Sam Raimi it seems is going to be remaking the movie. The trend of remaking films is definitely getting out of hand when we start remaking classic asian films which feel like they were literally just released (MoviesOnline).

If this is ture, then Hollywood is truly out of ideas!  It is bad enough that they are spending all their time and money on remaked of classic movies instead of making new and original films, but when they start making remaked of films that are 4 years old, that is just too far.

I am hoping that this is just a rumor, and there is nothing to it.  /film took down the article they wrote on the project.  I would love to believe that they found proof it isn't true, but then. if that were the case, they would have reported that instead of just deleting their post.

I know we have debated about remakes before, but 4 years is no where near enough time to remake a classic film.

Terminator TV

I have no interest in this...

Thomas Dekker (NBC's Heroes) is set to play John Connor in Fox's SF drama pilot The Sarah Connor Chronicles, based on the Terminator film franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dekker, who plays Claire's friend Zach on Heroes, will join Lena Headey in the title role. Sarah was played by Linda Hamilton in the films; John was played by Edward Furlong in 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day and by Nick Stahl in 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

The action of The Sarah Connor Chronicles takes place after the events depicted in Terminator 2 and follows Sarah, a modern warrior and loving single mom to 15-year-old son John (Sci Fi Wire).

I love the first 2 Terminator films.  Ages ago, my uncle Jean and cousin Jeff rented a VCR so we could the first Terminator movie on Video Tape and my grandparents home.  It was the first movie I ever watched on tape.  My first real love and I saw the second one in the theater.  I love them both.  The third one could not happen, plus I heard nothing good about it, so I never watched it... Now they are making a series...

I am more likely to try out the series than I ever am to see the third movie, but I must admit, I would rather see more Firefly...

New Mission Greatest Hits 2 CD Set Released

C.E. Dorsett The Mission has released a two disc greatest hits anthology called the Phonograph Years, Fans of the Mission or any other dark wave/gothic music have to get a copy of this and celebrate the brilliance of the Mission.

As well as writing the comprehensive sleeve notes Wayne was also heavily involved, in collaboration with Universal, in the final selection of the tracks for this anthology. Highlights being a newly unearthed gem in ‘Diamond Cuts Diamond’, a song the band recorded during the ‘Carved In Sand’ sessions that has never before been released in any form whatsoever, and ‘Hands across The Ocean’, a radically different version of the song that was eventually released as a single. A completely over-the-top live version of ‘Blood Brother’ from 1988 and a demo of ‘Belief’ produced by Mike Fraser. And a fair few versions of the more popular and more well known tunes are appearing on CD for the very first time. We think it’s something any Mission fan would definetly want in their CD collection. And released, again by Universal, a week later on March 20th, is the Mission film/documentary ‘Waves Upon The Sand’. This is the film that has only until now been available on VHS and follows the band during the ‘Carved In Sand’ album period, on tour and in the studio. This is coupled on DVD with the live film that was recorded and released, again only previously on VHS, as ‘Crusade’ in 1986. This DVD will sell at mid-price. And again, a must have for all Mission fans and available to pre-order from Amazon.com.

The Mission Anthology - The Phonogram Years

CD1: 1. Serpent’s Kiss 2. Garden Of Delight (Extended) 3. Like A Hurricane 4. Crystal Ocean (7” edit version) Never before released on CD. 5. Shelter From The Storm (Janice Long BBC session version) 6. Stay With Me (7” edit version) 7. Blood Brother (Recorded live at The Astoria, London, March 1988) Never before released 8. And The Dance Goes On….. 9. Wasteland (7” edit version) 10. Severina (7” edit version) 11. Tomorrow Never Knows (amphetamix) Only available previously on CD on Japanese import. 12. Beyond The Pale (7” edit version) 13. Kingdom Come (Janice Long BBC session version) 14. Tower Of Strength (Bombay Mix edit) 15. For Ever More

CD2: 1. Amelia (Live from the Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, May 1990) 2. Into The Blue (7” edit version) 3. Butterfly On A Wheel (7” edit version) 4. Deliverance (Sorcerer’s Mix) 5. Belief (Mike Fraser produced demo) 6. Grapes Of Wrath (Demo) 7. Hands Across The Ocean (Tim Palmer produced demo) 8. Diamond Cuts Diamond (Tim Palmer produced demo) 9. Bird Of Passage 10. Metal Guru 11. Never Again (7” edit version) 12. Shades Of Green (Utah Saints 7” remix) 13. Trail Of Scarlet (Sitar Mix) 14. Like A Child Again (7” edit version) 15. Afterglow (Full length Olympic version)

A short extract from the sleevnotes written by Wayne:

BLOOD BROTHER (Live at The Astoria, London, March 1988) Originally seeing life as the ‘b’ side on the ‘Stay With Me’ single, I wrote this in response to a song that The Cult had recorded for a Radio 1 session in which Ian Astbury gives me a name check. Can’t now remember the name of that song. Our first tour in January 1986 had been as special guests on The Cult’s ‘Love’ European tour. This version was recorded during our 7 sold out nights at The Astoria during the‘Children’ tour. My vocals are a little rough but I think this captures perfectly the band at this time. It’s big, noisy, confident and arrogant, melodramatic and megalomaniacal, and completely glorious. Never before released.

BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL (7” edit) This was the first single of the new decade, the 90’s, released on 1st January. One of our more popular and evergreen tunes, this was a song that I wrote for Julianne of All About Eve. I remember when we’d finished mixing it at Swanyard Studio we played it to Charlie Eyre. He sat in the middle of the big SSL mixing desk and listened to the song blaring out of the big studio monitors and when it had ended he swung around in his chair with a tear in his eye and said, just like George Martin did to The Beatles after they’d recorded ‘Please, Please Me’, ‘Well boys, you’ve just made your first no. 1 record’. Of course, history decreed a different fate for us compared to The Beatles but the song did eventually make it to No. 1.….. In South Africa.

BELIEF (Mike Fraser version) Before we commenced recording the ‘Carved In Sand’ album with Tim Palmer again producing we tried recording with a few other producers/engineers, one of which was Mike Fraser. Mike was a lovely, genial Canadian that generally worked out of the Little Mountain Studio in Vancouver. Mike’s credits had included Aeorsmith, The Cult, and Metallica amongst others. It was suggested that to achieve some commercial success in the USA we should use a producer/engineer with a working knowledge of that elusive American ‘big rock’ radio sound. Now, I’m not particulary a fan of any of the aforementioned bands or American ‘big rock’ but the lure of the yankee dollar was very hard to resist at that time and in our pursuit of global dominance we recorded this version of ‘Belief’ with Mike. The recording took place in London, can’t remember which studio, and then I flew with Mike to Vancouver for a few days to mix the track at Little Mountain. It actually now sounds a lot better to me than I remember and working with Mike was a good experience, I liked him a lot. But I didn’t think it was the right decision to work with a North American for that album. I wanted to retain the little ‘Britishness’ that we still had left. And whilst I think Tim Palmer did a great job I used to often wonder, what if? This version has never before been released.

DIAMOND CUTS DIAMOND (Tim Palmer produced demo) This is another song that was recorded as a demo for the ‘Carved In Sand’ album and discarded. It’s very wordy and obviously a work in progress and easy to see why we did reject it but it stands testament to the wealth of material we had accumulated for that album. We ended up having enough completed material (that we were happy with) for two albums and released ‘Grains Of Sand’ some 6 months or so after the release of ‘Carved’. Actually, hearing this now again after all these years I do really like the guitars on the outro (Mission).

Get it here.