Foo Fighters smack down the Haters

**The Videos in this post are Not Safe for Work**

There are people in this world who have absolutely no sense of humor.  I don't even want to say their name, but a certain group of ultra-right wing homophobes became upset when the Foo Fighters, a band with a brilliant sense of humor, released their video for Hot Bun.

The homoerotic trucker pastiche enraged these, well out of generosity, I will call them people (link), and they announced they were going to picket an upcoming Foo Fighter's concert.

So, How did the Foo Fighter's respond?

That's right, they pulled up in front of the protesters dressed in their costumes from the Hot Buns video on the bed of a truck performing a country parody of Keep it Clean that can be heard at the beginning of the video.

Brilliant! Love it.  This is the way to fight hate.  The best part of the video is watching the people who came to protesting them break out in laughter and bop along to the song.