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Star Wars: Clone Wars to add George Takei

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This Fridays Star Wars: Clone Wars Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: The Clone Wars will feature the voice of George Takei in episode # 14 Defenders of Peace.  He will voice the villain Lok Durd.

George Takei gives us an idea of what Lok Durd looks like and remarks on the quality of the animation.

“Then when I saw the finished product I couldn’t help but realize it was amazingly well done. He’s just extremely flabby and loose he is. It made me wonder why I do all the sit ups, push ups and other exercises I really do when they think of that kind of character for my voice. I mean when Lok Durd moves, you can see his stomach, arms and legs, all his flesh, just jiggle. The animation is just amazing! Oh, the vanity of an actor!”

Watch the episode preview here and watch the last few episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars streaming online here.

Synopsis for Defenders of Peace:

While the Jedi combat a new Separatist weapon, the pacifist Lurmen must decide whether they will lay down to the oppressive Separatists or fight with Anakin, Ahsoka and Jedi General Aayla Secura.

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Rachel Maddow and the Out 100

out100-maddow Thank God for Chuck D.  When Air America debuted, I had to check out his morning show Unfiltered.  Thanks to that, I was introduced to Rachel Maddow. I followed her around as they moved her show around, and even wrote letters to them when I thought they might have canceled her show many years ago.  Smart, funny, and newsy, she quickly became the high point of my day, and one of my primary sources of news and commentary.

I am so glad to see her success of MSNBC, and to see her on the “Out 100” with other luminaries as:

actors Luke Macfarlane, John Barrowman and Sir Ian McKellen, […] Wilson Cruz, Ugly Betty producer Silvio Horta as well as newlyweds George Takei and Brad Altman (New Now Next).

What a great picture, and even though I know a post like this will embarrass her to no end, I just had to say, good for you, girl, you made it.

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Bender's Game Now With Dungeons & Dragons

Bender's_Game Futurama: Bender's Game is the third in the direct to DVD Futurama movies. It will be out November 4, 2008 and include guest stars George Takei and Rich Little playing themselves. Watch the trailer in the Project: Shadow HQ it looks hilarious

The crew of Planet Express sets off to infiltrate the universes only dark-matter mine.  While in the mine they discover a midevil land with Dungeons and Dragons in it.  Bender plays the roll of a knight, the Professor is a Wizard, Leela is a centaur, Amy is the queen of the water nymphos.  I am concerned that they will release it at around the $25 price point instead of at he $15 price point and thus hurt the sales numbers.  That being said I'm still excited to see it.

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

Futurama - Bender's Big Score

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National Coming Out Day

C.E. Dorsett I hope everyone has taken the day to be who they are, and the embrace their identity with out any embarrassment or guilt.

I believe that National Coming Out Day should be a national banking holiday to express who they are openly.

If you like tattoos, SHOW THEM! You should have to hide them to have a posh job!

If you like to wear black and paint your self with make up, DO IT!! Let your Goth flag fly!

Wear your Star Trek lapel pin, promote your favorite music, what ever you are trying to hid so you can fit in to this bland, cold, vacuous culture that seeks to make each of us into homogenized, mindless consumers with nothing out of place or different, COME OUT! This day was made for you and me.

On that note:

George Takei on Politically Direct with David Bender

George Takei and Rachel Maddow will be discussing coming out on tonights show. (See it here)