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12 Day of Tales

Fiction-1I have an idea, more of a notion or a hope, but I think it would be pretty cool if I can pull it off.What if this year to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, I gave you all 12 free stories in 12 different genres. To make it even more interesting, I will see if I can get some other writers to join in.

You all have been so great to me, the least I could do is get you some free stories.

I am not sure how feasible this is. It is a lot to write in a short time, but I think it would be really fun to try. Now the question remains, what should the 12 genres be?

  1. Steampunk
  2. Elfpunk
  3. Mythpunk
  4. Space Opera
  5. Galactic Empire
  6. Wuxia
  7. High Fantasy
  8. Dark Fantasy
  9. Supernatural Horror
  10. Space Western
  11. Contemporary Fantasy
  12. Sword and Sorcery

I think that is a good list, but I would be interested in what you all think. Do you want the stories to be tied together with a particular theme? We have to act quickly. Time is ticking away.

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