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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Reboot!!!

fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood This gets weird for me because I’m filled with both joy and hope over the prospect of a reboot.  Up to now many of you have not heard me talk about Fullmetal Alchemist because I fell deeply in love with the series only to be left betrayed when the story took a twist about mid series going into a parallel world.  I hope this reboot fixes that.

Aniplex is retelling the Fullmetal Alchemist story but this time staying more true to the manga.

  • Some parts of the tale will be told from different points of view then what we got in the original anime.
  • They are going to give minor characters from the original anime larger rolls
  • Putting parts from the manga into this version that was not included in the original.
  • Brand new aspects to the story to be included in this version.

They are promising to maintain the high animation standards that awed us in the original anime.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood debuted on April 5th 2009 in Japan but fear not this time we will not have to wait months to be able to watch it in the states.  Each new episode airs on Sunday in Japan and we can watch it streaming online by Thursday in the states (suck it BBC RE: Doctor Who)!!!  The episodes are English SUB.

Watch it streaming online here on Funimation.com