freeze ray

Odd: Worms’ Paralyzed By a Freeze Ray

doctor-horrible-freeze-rayI love how the National Geographic article begins referencing the “freeze ray” in Dr. Horrible.  It puts a smile on my face to see references to sci-fi in the mainstream scientific world.  Gives me hope that dreams are given the chance to possibly take shape. The freeze ray is far from reality, What researchers have done is put a light sensitive chemical into the nematodes.

“Upon UV exposure, the normally clear chemical turns blue, and it shuts down the worms' metabolism… A shot of visible light restored the worms to normal, and the animals slowly began to wiggle around "as if they had never been paralyzed," the study authors say.” -National Geographic

I wonder if this could have applicable uses for putting things in stasis.

For now the process is far from practice use though since the chemical was eventually fatal to the worms.

(thanks Whedonesque)