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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - A Galaxy Divided Out on DVD

clone-wars-ambushStar Wars: The Clone Wars - A Galaxy Divided (TV Series) is now available for preorder and will be released on March 24th!  This collection will cover four exciting episodes including my most favorite episode Ambush!

  • Ambush:  A ton of Yoda plus Asajj Ventress need I say more!
  • Rising Malevolence: The Clankers get a new weapon and it doesn’t look good for the Clone army.
  • Shadow of Malevolence:  Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead a mission to find and destroy a massive warship that is under the command of General Grievous.
  • Destroy Malevolence: The trap is sprung and Grievous is in trouble.

I’m glad that they have dropped the initial list price from $19.99 to $13.99.  As for me I subscribed through iTunes Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: The Clone Wars and am waiting for the season box release that should be out latter in 2009.

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Destination Truth’s Return for Season 3

Destination Truth
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Season three for Destination Truth is shaping up to be an exciting year.  The plans are for 9 new episodes which is less than the previous season but more than season one.

In season 3 they will investigate into:

  • A mystery in Alaska
  • A mystery in Florida
  • The ghost towns of Chernobyl
  • Lake mystery in eastern Turkey
  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • A return to the Himalayan Mountains for another look at the Yeti

I’m really excited to see some of the mysteries that they will look into and especially excited to see some U.S. mysteries are thrown into the mix.

If you want to get caught up on Destination Truth it is free streaming online here.

Get your copy of Destination Truth: Season One Destination Truth - Destination Truth, Season 1 and Season Two Destination Truth - Destination Truth, Season 2

Date for season 3 and update here

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Streaming Free Online

The first 10 episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars is free streaming online for a limited time!  I love this series from the movie length pilot that got a theatrical release through the first 10 episodes. Now is your chance to get caught up on the series.  From December 22nd through January 5th the first 10 episodes will stream online at the Cartoon Network’s and on Star Wars site.  I like the Star Wars site’s player more though and they have all of the preview videos, games, and episodes commentary.

My two most favorite episodes so far are episode #1 Ambush and Episode #10 Lair of Grievous Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Lair of Grievous.  In Ambush we get to watch Yoda in action and learn at the feet of a Jedi Master.  In Lair of Grievous we get to see a statue of Grievous before his accident and transformation and we get to see into the generals mind including a glimpse of his true feelings about Duku!

The show will resume on Friday, January 2nd with episode 11 "Dooku Captured" I can’t wait!

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Streaming Free Online!

He-Man_Masters_of_the_universe He-Man the classic animated TV show from the 80’s now has the first season streaming free online on Hulu.

He-Man_3The show is about Prince Adam who is given the Sword of Grayskull and can transform into He-Man defender of Eternia from Skeletor who wishes to rule all of the land.  Along his adventures Prince-Adam is accompanied with his pet a cowardly tiger named Cringer who also transforms into an armored tiger named Battle Cat.  Eternia is also defended by Prince Adam’s mentor Duncan aka Man-At_Arms, his friend Teela, and the wizard Orco.

Skeletor also has his entertaining band of misfit baddies which he uses not only in his attempts to rule all of Eternia but also to help him get at the secret powers hidden deep within Castle Grayskull.

The shows are great fun with a fable type quality to them containing wonderful messages for life like being brave and he-man_2how lying can be harmful.  The show ran for two seasons before going off the air.  The show had some great writing talent like J. Michael Straczynski, Paul Dini, and and David Wise giving He-Man a great storyline to it.

Watch all of first season on Hulu here.


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