What would another Serenity movie be about?

14 - 1.jpg

When I saw this image, I started wondering what a second Serenity/Firefly movie would be about.  How many characters would Joss kill off?  What could they possibly do the movie about?

Maybe it is because Joss is making the Avengers movies, but I would really love a film that explored and explained "Super Soldier" program that exists in the world.

Throughout the series, and even in the the movie, we got to see a lot of Blue Sun (I presume) agents that were enhanced for some reason.  River was apparently picked up to be a part of this program.

Since we now know that the Reavers were created by accident as a way to pacify the populace, I assume these "super soldiers" have a similar control purpose.

It does feel like a bit of overkill engineer these troops simply as assassins.  I can't help but think that they have an purpose that we haven't seen before.

Mal and the crew have a quasi-decent motivation to pursue this mystery after River's performance in the final battle against the Reavers.  A fight she seemed engineered to engage in.

Perhaps the answer is really that simple, but I feel like there is more there than has been revealed yet.

That is what I would like to see in the next movie, should it ever happen.  What would you like to see?  What questions do you see outstanding in the series?

Animation Verses Prejudice

Trade paperback cover of Buffy: Season Eight V...
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John The Rogue Demon Hunter asks:

With all the Buffy and Angel cast getting older, would the fans being willing to accept further adventures in the animation style of Star Wars: The clone Wars?

Fans would be willing to accept further adventures of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly in an animation style.  The bigger question is would the general public accept further adventures in animation style?  Would the studios have the patience to back and distribute further adventures in animation style?

Joss Whedon has already transitioned those settings and characters into a comic format.  There is great acceptance and love for the continuation of the series in print comic form.  This leaves a short step to move from print to animation.

The current success of animated shows both on TV and in the direct to DVD markets also support the plausibility of doing more animated shows.  Clone Wars had a rocky start getting accepted though most of it was due to the new style they used in animation that took some getting used to.  The Simpsons had a lucky start with "bartmania" that still gets large ratings decades latter.  Both DC and Marvel’s direct to DVD animated movies prove both quality in animated projects and how they can cater to the adult market.

We face several problems that are hindering future projects.

General Public Prejudice

The general public in the American market has a prejudice against animated shows.  When first approaching an animated show they presume it is for children not adults.  Many don’t even bother to give those shows the time of day unless they are bringing their kids to watch it.

Though this public prejudice has decreased some in recent years it is still rampant.  I could not count the number of adults that give subtle nonverbal clues of disdain when they find out I’m watching Clone Wars or Planet Hulk.  Others still voice their prejudice by replying “I thought that was a show for kids?”

Many creators of animated projects have their demons to wrestle with too.  First, before the project is even done they have to admit they won’t win any prizes for the work due to the prejudice in viewing it as less no matter how brilliant and deserving.  Look at Avatar, the movie would have been better going full animation but instead it went with live action parts so that it could be a “movie with cool special effects”.

This prejudice holds back studios from giving a green light to an animated project that is not targeted toward the children / young adult markets.  This forces many good projects to include in kidsey elements and to remove some of the better adult elements.  Clone Wars season one is a great example of this problem.  The show was so much less than it could have been.  Once they got past the prejudice it got better in season two.

I Find Their Lack of Faith Most Disturbing

Because of the prejudice against animated projects they tend to take longer before picking up larger audience share.

Studios have been trending toward a less lenient policy when it comes to new projects.  They have been quick to cancel projects that don’t show immediate success.

This is a recipe for failure by proclamation instead of giving the project time to get over the inherent hurdles.

A New Hope

I hope that the American public continues to learn from the Japanese, and Korean animated markets.

I hope that we continue to see the trend in the decline of prejudice against animated projects.

I would love to see the continuing adventures of Firefly and Buffy the vampire slayer in animated format.

I've always wanted a Faith The Vampire Slayer series and wrote up a series outline. Maybe one day I will hook up with some animators.

I hope John finds some animator to help him with his Faith the Vampire Slayer project and that they then check in with us for many more projects.

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Joss Whedon Selected for the Vanguard Award

Joss Whedon at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego. Image via Wikipedia

“Joss Whedon has mastered the art of melding the newest technology with inspired storytelling, truly exemplifying the spirit of the Vanguard Award,” said David Friendly and Laurence Mark, co-chairs of the PGA Awards.

It's great that the Producers Guild of America is recognizing Joss Whedon's achivements.  Creator of great shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.  I can't wait to see his next project.

Hopefully from Joss' great experience with Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog the next project will be another independent project.

(via Slice of SciFi)

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My Top 10 Favorite Television Series, I Didn’t Watch On The TV Box.

You know how it is. You see the ads for a new TV show and then never catch it. Or the network pulls it before you can really get a grip on the characters. Or they keep changing times and you can never figure out when it’s on. Or you like it, watch the first or even second episodes, and then one night you miss it and bam… you’re out of the loop. Now with places like and Netflix streaming online, you can catch a lot of your favorites online. Here are my top ten favorite television shows I didn’t watch on the TV box, in alphabetical order:


  1. Cleopatra 2525 - Complete Series, 2000 Ok, so I know this is a little corny, but I love it. An exotic dancer in for plastic surgery in 2001, wakes up in the year 2525 to find the world has been taken over by evil robots. This show brings you scantily clad beauties with arm bands that shoot lasers and help them repel down giant elevator shafts and a freaky bad guy in clown makeup and extensions. It doesn’t get better than that.   Watch it streaming online on Hulu
  2. Dead Like Me, 2003 A college dropout is killed by a toilet seat that falls from a space station on her first day at a temp agency. Upon death, she finds out she is has been chosen to be a grim reaper and take people's souls just before they die. The bad news? She still has to work for a living! Some of these scenes are so close to real office life, it's scary. Can anyone say collate?
  3. Eureka, 2006 The best minds in the US are tucked away in a remote town where they build futuristic inventions for the government's benefit. A US Marshal gets stranded there and decides to becomes the next Sheriff after the old one is injured from a science project gone wrong. Quirky, fun.  Watch it streaming online on Hulu.
  4. Firefly, 2002 In the distant future, Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds a former soldier for the independents, is now a smuggler and commander of a small spacecraft with a loyal hand-picked crew. They travel the far reaches of space in search of food, money, and anything to live on.  Along the way, they encounter life-threatening missions and a cast of interesting characters. Must see. Watch it streaming online on Hulu.
  5. Jericho, 2006 When bad boy Jake returns to his Kansas small-town home, Jericho, everyone is preoccupied with petty private business and family matters, but that changes drastically after an unexpected explosion hits. It soon becomes clear there has been a nuclear attack, but no one knows by whom or to what scale. Jericho inhabitants gradually discover the USA is disintegrating. Life becomes complicated for these small town folk when needs such as food, fuel, and self-defense against invaders become the main task. Jake proves extremely resourceful and a smart hero saving the town many times and changing the resident views of him. Watch it streaming online on CBS.
  6. Kindred the Embraced, 1996 Julian Luna, prince of the kindred (vampire), clans in San Francisco, has his job cut out for him as he must try to keep peace among them while not being afraid to apply ruthless justice against those who would break kindred rules. Infractions that merit "final death" include the taking of human life and changing humans into vampires who have not volunteered for the transformation. This show was an exciting and perplexing moment for all of us hard core vampire LARP'ers.  We were thrilled at the fact that mainstream took notice of something we enjoyed, puzzled the changes they made, and disappointed when it was cancelled just as the series started heating up!  I remember being upset that my favorite clan, Tremere, was not represented and hoped that season 2 might have brought them out of the woodwork. The tragic death of Mark Frankel (Julian) after Season one, caused all of us Masquerade RPG'ers to lose faith in another season.
  7. Moonlight, 2007 A vampire is a private investigator and falls for mortal woman who he saved from dying as a child.  This show has been ridiculed by fans of the 1980's series Forever Knight.  It does seem like some of the shots used in Moonlight are very familiar to us Forever Knight fans and even some of the themes they use are very close to the other show.  However, I feel that Moonlight brings a sexier, up-to-date feel to our favorite "do-good" vampire role. I'm not saying it's better, it's just more vampire fun.
  8. My Own Worst Enemy, 2008 As an agent for a top-secret government agency, Edward agrees to let the government insert a chip in his brain that can be turned on and off.  When he is turned off, he is Henry, an efficiency expert, who lives a typical suburban life right down to the wife, two kids, dog, and minivan. In contrast, Edward is a lethal, multilingual operative. Somehow the chip breaks, making it impossible for the government to control when Henry is "on" or Edward is "on".  I caught this on and loved it so much, I bought the DVD.  This is sort of a 24 meets Alias meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. TV aficionados will recognize many members of the cast and Christian Slater does a brilliant job of playing the innocent family man who could never harm a soul trying to come to grips with the fact his life is a sham and the lethal killer who will do anything to stay alive. Watch it streaming online on Hulu.
  9. Red Dwarf, 1988 Three million years ago, a radiation leak killed the crew of the mining ship, Red Dwarf. The only survivor was Dave Lister, the chicken soup machine repairman. He spends his time on the ship with a holographic projection of Arnold Rimmer (his dead bunk mate), Cat (a life-form that evolved from Dave's cat), Holly (the ship's senile computer), and Kryten (a service mechanoid).  BBC comedy good for hours of fun.  If you haven't heard of this one, you've been under a smegging rock.
  10. Sanctuary, 2007 Amanda Tapping stars as a unique woman (possibly immortal?) who runs a Sanctuary for all kinds of creatures and monsters.  This show follows her and her team as they find new species and try to help them.  They also have their enemies.  I'm anxious to see what this show becomes... if it's renewed. Watch it streaming online on Hulu.

You can check out a lot of these gems at  If you'd like to purchase them, you can do as I do and shop

So, now that I've given you some to catch up on, what are your favorites?

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Morena Baccarin to conquer V Remake

Morena Baccarin at the 2005 Serenity "fla...
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I have been on the fence about the V remake, but I have to warn you, I have chosen a side!

The Visitors of ABC's V reboot have found their leader, and her face is familiar to sci-fi fans. Morena Baccarin (aka Firefly's Inara and Stargate SG-1's Adria) has landed the lead role of Anna, the frontwoman for Earth's very special guests, says the Hollywood Reporter. Previously announced V castings include Scott Wolf and Morris Chestnut (Fanstasy SF Blog).

The addition of Morena to any series is a great way to to get my attention and the very notion of her as a evil reptilian alien from beyond the stars manipulating the ussupecting people of earth into a false sense of security as she plans the invasion and conquest of earth makes me a little (I admit it, a lot) giddy about this.

I suppose I need to set up feeds and paying attention now.

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Hugo Nominations: The Picks Are Difficult

Get your copy of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog here and help support the project The Hugo Awards nominations are out!  I was so thrilled when I saw that Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.  This is great because they are recognizing web series along with television series. Now comes the hard part… picking only one winner.  Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and two other top picks from the category is “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” (Doctor Who) and “Turn Left” (Doctor Who).  This is a very hard pick because I really want Doctor Horrible to win as recognition and validation of web series yet “Turn Left” deserves to win since it is the best dramatic presentation out of the three.

Some other categories with difficult picks.

Which one will you vote for?

See the full list of nominations here.

Joss Whedon Interview on Writing

Joss Whedon answers questions from fans about his sources of inspiration and writing.

Out of film, television, and internet, which media do you find is most enjoyable to work on, most stressful, most rewarding, and why? — Chloe Honey, it's all stress. I'm defined by stress. I'm on the ten best stressed list. The rewards are different -- movies are big and intense, TV is long and deep, internet is tiny and personal and mine all mine -- but all worth pursuing. I'm a media agnostic. If it's stories, I'll brave the stress.

I love how Joss focuses on the story.  It’s what really sets his work apart and why if he is working on a project I count that as a huge plus on whether the project will be good or not.

How do you develop a character? Do you have a specific archetype, trope, or "slot" to fill in your shows that you fit a character to, or do you create their personalities separate from their purpose? — Anne Purpose informs personality. It's not like I say "I need a wacky sidekick" — although I did when I was working on Disney musicals, but that was the form. I tend to focus on one character (perhaps a young woman of unnatural abilities, to pull an example randomly out of nowhere) and then the other characters are built from the needs of that character's journey.

I wonder if he follows Joseph Campbell’s philosophy and / or what other models he uses to determine what other characters they need.

You get a lot of critical and fan acclaim for being an excellent 3rd generation writer but I really enjoy your directing style. Who are your influences in that regard and what kind of background training did you receive before you got behind the camera? — buffywrestling I had no production experience outside of my backyard, but I had the best professors in the world. I'm influenced by everything I've seen and I studied most of the great American directors at Wesleyan (hint: watch EVERYTHING.) If I'm gonna pick directors, I'd say Borzage, Minnelli, Hitchcock, Carpenter. Today. But for some reason, Soderbergh's The Limey had the most immediate and visceral effect on my sense of style. It's so casually daring. Also, comic books really help dynamic framing and narrative coherence.

that’s awesome that he mentions using comic books as a means for dynamic framing.  It’s the same conclusion I came to.

I recently read an interview with you in Mother Jones magazine. "Geek God" I think was the term they used for you. How do you feel about your success? What advice do you like to give other "geeks" with good ideas? — Jennifer Russell If you have a good idea, get it out there. For every idea I've realized, I have ten I sat on for a decade till someone else did it first. Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.

I love how he is not necessarily style restrictive even in this case he is all for just producing it.

Joss Whedon at the premiere of Serenity (film)
Image via Wikipedia

Bonus Goodies

We all know that Dr. Horrible was a result of, and a metaphor for, the writer's strike. He even says, at one point, that he wants to "put the power in different hands." But things didn't turn out so well for Billy in the end. How did the tragic ending relate to the writers-strike metaphor, or did the metaphor not extend that far? — Jonathan We didn't write it as a metaphor — we just wanted Penny to have an agenda besides being torn between two men, and Billy's perspective is the classic cry of the noble villain. But this is a story that's been relevant for a long while — like, since there's been power. And people hoarding/abusing it. Wonder Woman brought up similar issues, which may be part of why it wasn't made.

Do you watch the movies/television shows the cast members from Buffy, Angel, or Firefly star in? Any favorite works of the cast members in particular? — Daniel Dude, Summer Glau is a Terminator. Summer Glau is a Terminator! My work on Earth is done.

And Castle [the new show starring Nathan Fillion] looks fun.

this is a hilarious answer, I had the same thought about Summer Glau… She Rocks!!! if only the show was any good.

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Hulu Awards: The SF Winners

Hulu have announced the winner of their first award thing.  The categories were strange, and the "finalists" where not always what you would want to vote for.  Several Speculative Fiction series, movies, and clips won.  Here they are:

Really!?! Award

To no ones surprise the winner of the Realy!?! Award went to Triumph the Insult Dog mocking Star Wars fans on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

The idea that it is funny to mock Star Wars fans for not being molested by priests. I get tired of the idea that fans don't have sex. I assume these people don't know any fans, and I am sure they have never been to a convention. Most of the fans I know have too much sex. Gah, and am not going to get into my stop turning conventions into orgies rant here, but ugh. Stupid mundane people having stupid fun. Ugh.

Best Trailer

The Watchmen! It is going to be hard to beat the Watchmen for best movie of the year, and this trailer is a great promo for it.

The Show We'd bring back

Firefly! It is close to impossible to find anyone who has seen Firefly who doesn't want more.

(via Hulu)

Email your questions for Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon at the premiere of Serenity (film)
Image via Wikipedia

Even though I am miffed with Hulu over their choice to remove themselves from Boxee, this is a rare chance for fans to ask Joss questions.

Have a burning question for the brains behind Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse? Now's your chance to ask Joss Whedon for answers. See if you can get him to spill the beans about his latest heroine, Echo, and whether we'll ever see Dr. Horrible on Broadway. Send your questions to by 9 a.m. PST on Wednesday, February 25 (Hulu).

Good luck getting your question to him.  I know I am going to come up with some goodies to ask the master of dark fiction.

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Where have all the SF Fans gone?

Where are all the SF fans?Long time passing

-SF Fans

Generation Gap

The rise of throw away media in the '90's and '00's sapped the passion of a generation of would-be fans away.  With the exception of a few cult classics like Firefly, Lexx, and Farscape, the last two decades have produced little quality content.

Firefly and Stargate produced the most rabid fan followings, but they were slow to adopt the fan culture established by earlier franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars.  As a result, a gap in fandom grew between the older generation of fans and the newer generation coming up.  The new fans were not brought into the conventions, filk,  and fan works until lately, and they are still few and far between.

Enter the web

Compounding the problem, through out the '90's, the Internet began to take over the work of more traditional media.  The BBS became the forum.  The fanzine became the website.  The local fan club became the blog.

These newer form of fandom introduced new issues:

  • Unlike fanzines, fanfiction sites are not edited.
  • Fan clubs went from being collections of local friends to a collection of anonymous strangers on the web.
  • Fans stopped sharing new finds, and specialized in one franchise.

Fandom became increasingly less personal.  I have watched the average age at conventions and filksings go up.  Then it happened:

Revenge of the Corporation

Star Trek vs Star Wars
Image by Metal Chris via Flickr

Paramount started suing fan sites and clubs.  The few fan clubs that went online had their sites taken down.  The corporate obsession with copyright pushed more would-be fans away.

What had been a nascent culture was now under attack by the copyright holders.  Viewership dwindled, and the corporate media assumed there was something wrong with the shows and not with the alienation of their fanbases.  So they started changing to shows.  Retool, remake, reboot, and reimage became common terms used by the corporate media to try to garner attention.

Their final assault was on the conventions themselves.  Corporate conventions started signing exclusive deals with celebrities changing the convention from a gathering of fans into little more than a weekend shopping spree with the sole purpose of milking as much money from the attendants as possible.

Retaking Fandom

It is time to take fandom back for the fans.  I grew up in the vibrant fan culture the once was, and now that it has been lulled to sleep, and not destroyed.

Like I said in Speculative Fiction: The Lost Art of “What if?”, it is time for us to dream again, but more than that, it is time for us to organize again.

It is incumbent upon us to:

  • defend fandom from those who would abuse it.
  • promote the culture to those new to the scene.
  • spread the franchises we love that treat us with dignity.
  • organize a revitalized fan culture, filled with conventions, fan works, and filk.
  • seek out solutions to the problems that still plague fandom.

Seeing the problem is the first step to finding a solution.  Together, we can take fandom back!

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Joss Whedon and Season 9 of Buffy Comic

buffy the vampire slayer season 8 vol 1 Joss Whedon will do another season after completing season eight.

"Oh, we definitely have a season nine in mind," Whedon said. "We're slogging our way through season eight. We've talked about doing more Serenity comics, and we've even talked to Dark Horse about potential for some Cabin [in the Woods] tie-ins."

What is this… the possibility of more Serenity comics too!

Get you copy of the Buffy Comics here

(via Sci Fi Wire)

Firefly Canceled and Buffy Greenlit at Multiverse

clipped from
Multiverse were working on a Firefly MMO. We say "were", because as of today, that project's been "delayed"
the company have announced they're working on a Buffy title
This is a bad move on Fox's part in a long list of bad moves. Buffy may or may not be more popular than Firefly, but it will not be easy to turn it into a game that relates at all to the mythos of the series.

Even if the game takes place after the final season, you still have the limit that only women can be slayers, and magic use has a price so high it would turn more characters into NPC villains. I am not sure what is happening with this decision or why.

Serenity/Firefly Dragon*Con Dream

clipped from
Absolutely, I believe Buffy died twice. I think that would be a great thing to do because I would have to go learn all the things that I knew before… If we ever did make another installment of this movie, we would both [Tudyk and Fillion] be in it. I don’t know how he’d [director Joss Whedon] do it but he’s very good at bringing them back from the dead.”
It is a wonderful dream to believe that there could one day be a sequel to Serenity, but this quote from Alan Tudyk at Dragon*Con is too much of a pipe dream unless they are talking about a prequel. Unless I missed something, Wash died in the movie, so how could Alan Tudyk come back?

It sounds more like wishful thinking to me than anything to get my hopes up over.

Review: Firefly Music Project

2005_serenity_logo_001 The Firefly Music Project is a group of musicians from Austria and Germany who have banded together to write and record come amazing tracks about Firefly and Serenity.  It is nearly impossible to explain the quality and the passion of these people without listening to their music. They are in the process of building their own site, but can for the time being be found on MySpace.

Can’t Stop the Signal (download here)

stars-5 An 80’s style rock anthem dedicated to Firefly, and it mentions Buffy and Angel.  I never thought I would hear a Rock tribute to Joss Whedon, but now I know I should have.  The clip of Joss at the breakdown made me should, “Hell Ya!”  For some reason this song reminds me of “We want the Airwaves” by the Ramones.

Reaver (download here)

stars-5 A metal track with a simple message: Fear the Reaver.  The foreboding guitar silhouette’s the the song dark black against the clips from the show and the lyrics.

River (download here)

stars-5 Amazingly beautiful song that tells River’s story. Chills ran up and down my spine as I listened to this song.  The clips from the show/movie are almost enough to make you cry.  The Guitar feels the song with a haunting rhythm as Nic sings the song from River’s point of view.

Serenity (download here)

stars-5 This song reminds me of a Moody Blues song.  This is a true love song to the ship.  Mellow, and oddly heartwarming, this song brought a smile to my face and made me want to instantly sing along.

Kaylee’s Lament (download here)

stars-5 Sheena sings this whimsical song from Kaylee’s point of view about her love for the doctor and how he never seems to notice her.  Hauntingly beautiful.  I hate to keep saying that, but it is the only words that fit.

This Land (download here)

stars-4 This is a techno song, which is very different from the others.  It is a good song, but compared to the others, this song is not nearly as powerful.  It need to make sure I have it on disk to give to DJs at the conventions I go to.  It would be fun to dance to, but I am not sure how often I would just listen to it.

Unsere Crew-Serenity (download here)

stars-4 This song is in German.  The title is Our Crew- Serenity.  It is a good song, and unfortunately suffers by comparison to the others.  It is a sort of role call song, where every character introduces themselves and talks about their story.

Final Thoughts

I hope they stick to the acoustic, rock, and metal style that sets them apart as one of the most interesting filk groups I have ever heard.

Serenity Quilt and the Cutest Gu'auld

My friend Tracey is one of the most amazing people I have met in a long time.  Not long ago, she showed me her quilts.  Thankfully, she said I could share them with all of you.


Her quilt of the Serenity emblem from Firefly blew me away.  The intricacy of the stitching is nearing impossible to explain.  You need to click the image and look at the larger image, and still much of the detail is lost in the photo.

This is not the most creative one though.


This quilt of a gu'auld and a teddy bear has to be one of the cutest and most disturbing images I have ever seen.  There is something about it that just makes me smile.

atlantisbag1 atlantisbag2

The design work on this Stargate Atlantis themed bag is just breath taking.

She promised me she would send me a picture of her Stargate quilt, and as soon as he does I will post it.  She is also working on a can-can dress.  Hopefully, she will take my advice and get her work up on Etsy.

New Filk About Community WiFi :: NNSeek

Oh a song I knew before the words were shared with me:

Title: Freedom Is A Pringles Can And A Laptop Hooked To A Bicycle by Harold Feld

Tune: The Ballad of Serenity (aka Firefly Theme) by Joss Whedon

Take my wire, take my LAN Take me where cell towers cannot stand Thanks to the I-triple-E You can't take the sky from me

Take DNS, corrupt my stack I don't care; I'm not coming back If I've got dot 11g You can't take the sky from me

If I have mesh and p2p You can't take the sky from me . . . . (pronounced "dot eleven g")

(via NNSeek)

Second Look: Space: Above and Beyond

Space: Above and BeyondStars-5I barely remember watching Space: Above and Beyond when it was on Fox in 1995-96. My significant memory is from the repeated marathons of the show on the Sci Fi Channel. I am surprised in many ways that the series actually got made in the first place.

The show chronicles the adventures of the 58th, "Wild Cards," a group of marines fighting to defend earth from an advancing military threat in 2063-2064. While that might sound like standard Military Sci Fi, common fodder for TV, the frank and gritty look at the consequences of war on those who must fight it is like nothing I have ever seen before. Issues ranging from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to combat duty rotation are covered in a realist and gripping way.

One of the most endearing characteristics of the show is how well it translates the Marines' care to bury their dead, leaving no one behind on the battle field.

Each member of the 58th came into the service for a different reason, adding many levels to what could have been yet another Military SF series.

The one thing that surprises me the most is that this series did not engender a Firefly-like fan base to keep the series alive, even if only through fanfiction.

Thankfully, I rediscovered the series through Netflix, and it has traveled past the veil from a renter to an owner. If no one else is writing fanfic for Space: Above and Beyond, then I might have to start. If you have never seen the series, or haven't watched it in a long time, pick it up and check it out. I am so glad I did.

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