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The Time to Move On

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Life is not easy.  From time to time the question arises: “Is it time to move on?”

Out of energy, and the end of our rope, it feels to hard to keep going, and we ask ourselves:

“Should I just give up?”

Well, that depends on what you are thinking about giving up?

  • Should I give up on my dream?  NEVER!
  • Should I give up on my passion?  Not in a million years!
  • Should I give up on following my bliss?  Not for anything!

When we hit a low point, there is often something we do need to give up, but it isn’t any of those things.


Often, we are holding on to things so hard we are smothering them.  Our emotional attachments blind us to opportunities before our very eyes.  They allow us to feel slighted by the smallest circumstances.

I consider myself lucky that I never set out to be a “major writer.”  I can’t imagine the pressure to sell books and make everyone like what I am doing.

I write stories for me.  If anyone else likes them, that is a blessing.  I want to tell a good story, not be the next Stephen King.  I can control the quality of my stories, not the whims of the market.  It is hard for me be disappointed by the reception any of my stories gets.

I have some friends who really want to be a top shelf writer, selling hundreds of thousands if not millions of copies.  That is a difficult goal to achieve, and I see their disappointment.

False Hopes

What most people don’t understand is that a false hope is one what you have no power to accomplish.

I would love to sell millions of books, but all I can do is write the best I can, and promote them to the best of my ability. Almost anything is achievable if we set our mind to it.

Your Turn

Can you think of any other false hope?  What can we do to make our dreams more attainable?

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