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Eve Online- March of Dominix

I have featured "March of Cambreadth" by Heather Alexander before, but something about this video cried out, "Share me!"

This vid cuts together footage from the "Dominix-Ops" from Eve Online.  Watching this, I wish I enjoyed playing the game more than I did, but I suppose this is a game I will have to enjoy from a distance.

What made this vid so so compelling to me was one thought it forced into my head:

Why can't Machinima be easier to make?

I am looking into software like True Bones and Daz 3D.

Frankly, every MMO should have a Machinima package, it would be free publicity for them, build a stronger core audience.

Anyone have any tips?

EVE Online Pwns Windows XP

125x125_03 If you are running a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is it a good idea to name your files the same as vital Windows file? Do you think it is a good thing to send out a patch without having someone check the file structure to be altered?

The latest update for EVE Online, Trinity, was scheduled to add all sorts of wonderful features such as upgraded models, textures and the additional of HDR. Tragically, along with the addition of these new beautifications comes a slightly less than perfect installer which can potentially clobber NT Loader's configuration settings, leaving the machine unbootable (GayGamer.net).

Yikes!! I have never played Eve, but I was considering giving the trial a shot, but now... not so much. After reading through the forum threads Asterick linked to, I am a little concerned. I am curious though. How many games have the potential to do this? Should I worry about Lord of the Rings Online doing this? I have to look into this further.