enter the dragon

Rain to Awaken the Dragon

Cover of "Enter the Dragon"
Cover of Enter the Dragon

Korean pop-star Rain ...  could be taking on a role ... in a modern noir remake of Enter the Dragon, dubbed Awaken the Dragon.

The project is the brainchild of Kurt Sutter, formerly an executive producer and writer on The Shield ... and will follow an FBI agent in pursuit of a rogue Shaolin monk into the seedy world of martial arts fight clubs ... Sutter is apparently aiming to make the film “more Raging Bull than Crouching Tiger in its viciousness (/Film)."

Bruce Lee is one of the greatest martial artists of all time.  Rain is quickly moving to pick up the mantle.

The clips from Ninja Assassin amazed me, and Enter the Dragon is one of those movies that is not only brilliant, but mired in its time.

If Rain pulls off this role, he will be the next great martial arts superstar.  We need one.  This might be the first step there.

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