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DVD Releases: August 18, 2009

Out this week we have three DVDs to feature:  The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season, Eli Stone: The Complete Second Season, Wyvern. simpsons-12

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Eli Stone: Brilliant Musical Fantasy on DVD!

elistone This is an amazing, wonderfully written, piece of modern fantasy.  Where else could you watch a show where a dragon could fly down the streets of San Francisco.  I absolutely loved the first season and am thrilled that I can now get it on DVD or through Eli Stone - Eli Stone, Season 1. Eli Stone is about a power amoral lawyer in San Francisco who is on his way to getting partner in his law firm.  He is driven to win and does not stop to think about how he wins just merely that he does win.  One day that all changes when Eli hears George Michael Singing in his head.  The visions haunt Eli and direct him to help people.  The visions takes the form of people around him singing songs that can give information about future events and people.  It turns out that Eli is suffering form a brain aneurysm which leaves him wondering if the songs are a natural cause of his condition or something from a higher power.

Eli Stone is also a musical because of Eli's condition there is music in every episode.  Although there is a lot of George Michael, which I love, they also have many other songs sung and danced to.  What is wonderful is the fact that it is all in Eli's head but we get to see the song and dancing from his perspective so as the show progresses suddenly one of his coworkers and at times the entire office breaks out in song and dance, Brilliant!

This show tackles religious, metaphysical and political issues but does so in a manner that is not preachy and often will use not taking a side as a device to create tension in the story.  The best example is with Eli's singing, the writers will but forth a perfect argument that it is from a divine source, though not declaring a particular god, and a perfect argument that it is the machinations of a medical condition.  It's amazing how the show can delve into so much spirituality and metaphysical topics without overtly picking a religious side, kudos!  This show is highly recommended and a must own.  I can't wait to see what they will do with the second season.

Get Eli Stone on DVD or through Eli Stone - Eli Stone, Season 1.


  • Jonny Lee Miller - Eli Stone
  • Natasha Henstridge - Taylor Wethersby
  • Loretta Devine - Patti Dellacroix
  • Matt Letscher - Nathan Stone
  • Sam Jaeger - Matt Dowd
  • James Saito - Dr. Chen
  • Julie Gonzalo - Maggie Dekker
  • Victor Garber - Jordan Wethersby
  • Laura Benanti - Beth Keller
  • Jason Winston George - Keith Bennett
  • Tom Amandes - Martin Posner
  • Tom Cavanagh - Mr. Stone
  • George Michael - as himself

Eli Stone - Freedom

Eli Stone - Father Figure

Headlings for August 21th

Here are some quick headlines for August 20th:






  • Review: Dark Passion Play by Nightwish | dashPunk - To be honest, I could not imagine the band without Tarja, but this album put all of my fears to rest and made me fall in love with Nightwish is a deeper way than I had ever believed possible.

Fandom v The Scifi Channel

fiction Eoghann Irving from Solar Flare has written a post claiming, “There’s No Such Thing as Science Fiction Fandom.”  His main point:

It would be more accurate to claim that there’s no such thing as a single unifying science fiction fandom.

I think there’s a strong case to be made that historically there used to be one. The one that formed around the pulp magazines, that essentially created WorldCon and the Hugos. Members of that fandom were at one time a pretty good example of the average science fiction fan (Solar Flare).

Is Fandom splintering?

In February, I wrote Three Types of SF Fans, in which I explored the major divisions within SF Fandom.  I do not believe that Fandom is splintering, our problem is Pop Culture exposure and a misapprehension about what fandom is.

The Source of the Problem:

  • Fans are fanatics!  They eat, drink, breathe and live SF.
  • Enthusiasts think they are fans.  They get excited by the release of an SF film, maybe play some games, but are not defined by their interest in SF.

As SF has made its flash into the Pop Culture, many new enthusiasts have been created and a few new fans.  Every flash in the pan has this effect.

We are at the point in the cycle when SF has past its peak in popularity and is falling out of favor causing the enthusiasts to stay interested in the series that turned them on, while talking trash about other SF so they can hold on to an image of coolness, the image of a fracturing fandom is born.

The Scifi Channel is to Blame

The Scifi Channel and the major studios have fed this seeming division by conflating futuristic action films and series with science fiction leaving many enthusiasts to believe that SF is synonymous with futuristic action films.

This makes it almost impossible for any non-action based series or film to have any sort of traction.

To make this point clearer, I have debated with people whether Dead like Me and Eli Stone are SF.  The group I was talking with insisted that they were not because they were not action packed...

Promoting Fan Culture

But the scale of the genre now is such that you really can’t assume that another science fiction fan will like or even be interested in what you are interested in. The sheer number of fandoms within the science fiction fan community results in a huge diversity of opinions and tastes (Solar Flare).

Our biggest problem with multiple fandoms is that fans have failed to communicate fan culture to the next generation.  We have allowed pop culture to parody and ridicule our lives without offering an alternative take for people to see.  The beauty and power of a filksing, the humor of a masquerade, or the basic comradery of a convention.

As long as we allow pop culture to define fandom, true fans will continue to find themselves pushed further and further out of the picture.  So keep the faith, and spread the word.

What Is Wrong With ABC?

01Loretta Devine revealed some concerns about the fate of next seasons Eli Stone at the 39th Annual NAACP Awards.

"I'm having fun and I hope viewers are too, but we don't know yet if we're going to get picked up,"

We need to unite and write to ABC and tell them about how much we are enjoying their "Eli Stone" Series. Apparently these studios are still not getting it. They are concerned about their appointment television all the while ignoring the growing web audience.

I hate it when these studios doom shows by putting them in a time slot that is not conducive with the target audience and then complain about having low ratings. If they would get off their lethargic posterior and include the web viewing's into their ratings and give the show some time to build their audiences then I think they would be pleasantly surprised.

Let us once again speak up! Here is a link to ABC's Contact page where we can let them know we love the show, watch it online and actively support their online advertisers!

(via Ventura County Star)

Eli Stone's Self Sacrifice

eli_106 I was watching the episode "Something to Save" last night at ABC.com and was once again absolutely blown away by this brilliant speculative fiction show.

***Spoiler Alert ***

Eli Stone gets himself, his x-fiance and his brother into a heap of trouble because of the lies surrounding his medical condition. He claimed to forge his brothers name on the paperwork throwing himself fully into harms way and saving his brother from getting into trouble for perjury. This type of move we have seen before where a truly heroic character steps up and protects those in their community.

I became nervous that they would then have this episode magically resolve it's self and everyone would live happily ever after. That was not the case, in a brilliant move the writers actually have the main character still have to pay the consequences for lying.

***End Spoiler Alert**

To have the main character live up to the aspiration "No greater love has a man than to lay down his life for his friend." It was nice to see but this has been done before. The trick is in what a show does after that point. Many shows will then end with everything happy again like it was magically resolved. Eli Stone is written so well that although things are happy in the end they clearly show a reward for right action and consequences for wrong action. I am really looking forward to seeing the next episode when it is released on ABC.com

Eli Stone - Father Figure

images I really am starting to enjoy things that can be described as quirky. I never thought I would ever become fond of a show like this. The new age spirit of the show is fun if superficial. It does kind of bother me that the show is throwing around a word like prophet so loosely. The use of World War II imagery in this episode was oddly compelling.

The story arcs really take me through emotions that TV usually cannot get out of me. I am particularly interested in the moral dilemmas that Eli has to wrestle with. They are not simple black and white issues. They bring up very tricky issues for which their are no easy answers and the show rejects the feel good schlock that this type of show usually falls into.

The way this episode dealt with the effect of the war on families is tragic and chilling.

I have taking an instant like to this show, and I really feel for Eli's plight.

check it out at Eli Stone or ABC online.

Eli Stone - Freedom

images images From the director of Broken Hearts Club (Greg Berlanti) and a writer for Marvel Comics (Marc Guggenheim) comes a crazy wacky comedy / drama / fantasy / musical, I think that is the way to describe it. I missed the show when it first came out because, I do not watch much on the TV machine. Only after Eli Stone offered a free download of a George Michael video for Faith that I downloaded and watched laughing at the many scenes from this show called Eli Stone, so I went to ABC to check it out.

Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers) is engaging and funny as the eponymous lead. The comparison between Eli and Don Quixote is a good one and it really makes me want to see wear the series is going.

In Freedom (the first episode I have seen), Eli has to help some immigrants made infertile by the pesticides they work with.

All in all, the show is a good mix of drama and comedy, a mix perfected by Ugly Betty (also on ABC & Ugly Betty ). I am really enjoying the show and its message in a bottle approach to adding a moral to the episode. Plus I need to see more Patti. This might be a new addiction. I can see it happening.

check it out at Eli Stone or ABC online.