‘Bitches’ A Quirky Fairy Tale?

Thanks american teenage werewolf picture by laughingmonk‘Bitches’ A Quirky Fairy Tale…  Ok, I must admit the humor of naming a television dramedy about werewolves ‘Bitches’ is not lost on me, in fact I’m still chuckling as I write this post like a 4 year old who just figured out how to cuss in public without getting into trouble.  That aside what about the show it’s self? The show is a Fox production… ok some points down for that, although I have to give Fox credit for finding great shows they tend to screw them up.

The premise:

a “quirky fairy tale” about a quartet of female friends in New York City who just happen to also be werewolves.

Sounds stupid and slapped together but this is like looking at the greasy dirty engine of a mustang and saying that mustangs are ugly.  I’m taking a wait and see for this one.

(via /film) (Thanks “american teenage werewolf” picture by laughingmonk)