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Sharon Needles and the Future of Drag


I am so happy that Sharon Needles won RuPaul's Drag Race this season for so many reasons.  Some of them are selfish, and others are not. 

I rooted for her from the beginning.  Her drag is flawless, spooky, and filled with charm and humor.  She really is the lost member of the Addam's Family.

I see myself in Sharon

When Sharon talked about her life, I heard my own life story.  I was the spooky kid.  I was the freak in school.  My love of horror and deep depression almost got me kicked out of school.

It is so very important for us freaks at heart to come out of the closet and embrace who and what we are.  We all have  a dark side.  Some of us choose to face it head on, others choose to run away.

This beautiful image is available for purchase on Sharon's site.

Sharon proves we can face our dark sides with grace, humility, and humor.



I know that is an incredibly selfish thing to say, but I have spent the last 2 years working on a new world and novel that features Drag Queens in a Supernatural Horror/Dark Contemporary Fantasy setting.  I've had quite a few people tell me I am nuts.  Drag Queens are glitz and glamor.

Sharon's win proves that Drag can be spooky, sometimes serious, and always fun.

I've wrestled with my own demons of doubt.  I posted early drafts and Scribd, and most readers checked out at the first mention of drag.  That frightened me, but I just have to tell myself that those people are not in my target market.

Sharon's win gives me the courage to follow my heart, and freak out the haters.

Thank you, Sharon for inspiring me and countless others.

Long live the Queen, after all Vampires reign forever.