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Manga Review: Anima by Dany & Dany

Anima-CoverBefore I go into this review, I’d like to bring up the subject of Yaoi. Yaoi is a form of manga that features male to male romantic stories usually written by women, for women. Often erotic, these tales at times are little more than porn, or they could be truly beautiful stories of love that transcend race, sex, and even species. The best Yaoi I have ever read is the topic today. Anima written by Dany & Dany, two women from Italy who write and draw all their own comics. Daniela Orrù and Daniela Serri are known as paranormal manga creators by those in Japan and around the world. They also work as instructors at two major comic schools in Italy. Dany & Dany are also Vampire Chronicle fans and because they have an interest in portraying Louis and Lestat in a Yaoi light, you may sense a vampire feeling in their work. Some of their works have characters that look so much like Louis and Lestat, you may find yourself looking twice to see if it is our beloved vamp boys.

D&DThe cover of Anima shows just a glimpse of the coolness you will find inside the book. Anima features crisp, clean art in a steampunk setting. On a ship like the Titanic, a beautiful love story ensues between a gorgeous writer and an angel-like ballet dancer. A beautiful android dancer, Danya, is injected with “Anima” to allow him to feel human emotions, but what his creator doesn’t realize is that the injection also allows him to fall in love. Patrick, a cynical journalist and admirer of Danya, just happens to be there as Danya’s emotions are released. They fall in love, but Patrick doesn’t know Danya is an android. Though Patrick is an android sympathizer, will he be able to over look the fact that his new love is one? And once Danya’s creator finds he loves another, will he be able to let him go?

This is an erotic love story that may not be for everyone. Parental guidance suggested.

Extras: The Terrible Plot Demon is a one page, silly, chibi cartoon where the characters torture the authors.

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To find out more about Dany & Dany, go to their website at: www.danyandany.com