Open Letter to the CW I read that you are...

Open Letter to the CW


I read that you are going to Reboot Beauty and the Beast: (CW To Reboot 1980s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ –


If you knew or understood what story arcs, characterization, or mood where in fiction, I would not be so adamantly against this. This show had 2 unrecastable actors in the lead roles, and was a story of longing and unrequited love that your tween audience will not be able to understand.

If You Must

If you are committed to doing this,

  • Please watch the original.
  • Cast Ron Perlman to play father as an homage to the original and to give some gravitas to the series
  • Hire writers who understand subtlety, nuance, and longing.

Eric & Brian


Your original programming would have better ratings if you did not ostracize a segment of your audience.  For better or worse if you do go forward with the show I probably will never see it due to your stand against cable-cutters and your continued efforts to make watching your shows as difficult as possible... Thank You?  I think...