Cyclops Pig Is Just Creepy


"This is just creepy:

In Guatemala a monstrous pig was born just after a string of strange UFO sightings.  The pig was was born with what appears to be more of a human like face.

A birth defect

It is a birth defect.  That much is apparent in the fact that pig does not look like the millions of other pigs born. 

The debate resides in the source for the birth defect.  There is a lot of speculation over aliens being behind because of the sightings.  Others point to a more terrestrial source for the defect like genetic mutation or pollutants in the environment. 

I'm surprised that I haven't heard much association between these events and the past reports on governments secretly working on splicing pig and human together.  Then again no one would be irresponsible enough as to take lab animals and secretly dump them into the wild.

Will It Survive?

I would love to see updates as to how long it lives, and what it looks like after it grows up, if it does."

(UFO Sightings Followed by Birth of Pig Monster)

Destination Truth Season 3

Destination-Truth-LogoDestination Truth Season 3 will start on September 9th on sy-fy for a 9 episode season.  I wish they would give Josh and the gang more episodes so they can investigate even more of the cryptid myths.

About Destination Truth

Follow Josh Gates as he explores tales of the unexplained around the globe.  Each week they travel to the location of the unexplained event, interview the locals, and explore the myth trying to prove or disprove it.

The show is a lot of fun to watch and we get to also learn about distant cultures along with the exploration of the unexplained.

What to Expect in season 3

  • A mystery in Alaska
  • A mystery in Florida
  • The ghost towns of Chernobyl
  • Turkish lake serpent
  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • A return to the Himalayan Mountains Bhutan for another look at the Yeti
  • World's first overnight exploration of King Tut's cursed tomb
  • Pitch-black dives in ancient Caribbean caves for a giant octopus
  • haunted lost city in Peru & a Chilean high speed desert creature
  • watch the video below of Josh highlighting some of the mysteries to be investigated in season 3

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