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Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines

Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines is coming out September 16th and I can not wait.  Battle Lines "... brings viewers right up to the front-lines of the massive galactic conflict, revealing the stories that forged the Star Wars galaxy." (

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Looking Forward to

  • Updated graphics included more facial expressions
  • New Captain Rex Story Arc plus the return of Fives
  • Katee Sackoff will voicing a female Mandalorian
  • Nightsisters return with Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress
  • Get to see Planet Umbara with it's unique technology and weapons

    Watch the Trailers

    Episode line up 

    Like the previous seasons this will be a 22 episode season.  "George Lucas has said he would like to make at least 100 episodes, regardless of the ratings. Episode 100 would be in the middle of Season 5, so the series is likely to go up to 110+ episodes..."  I expect to see more conflicts but not to see the connecting episode to lead up to Star Wars Episode 3 until next season.

    Episode 1 Water War  &  Episode 2 Gungan Attack

    air September 16, 2011

    Underwater unrest!  The assassination of
    the King of Calamari creates conflict between
    the Mon Cala and the Quarren, so Padme and Anakin
    are dispatched to make peace. 
    But the Separatists have other plans...

    Plot:  The inhabitants of the watery world of Mon Calamari find themselves on the brink of a civil war. The Jedi soon realize they will need the help of a powerful and amphibious ally to stop the war and drive out the Separatist invaders.

    The Jedi find themselves trapped by
    sustained Separatist attacks. Can the Gungans save the day?

    Plot:  The Jedi find themselves trapped by sustained Separatist attacks.  Can the Gungans save the day?

    Clone Wars Season 4 Looking Ahead at Water War and Gungan Attack

    Episode 3 Prisoners

    September 23, 2011

    Seemingly crushed by the might of the Separatist assault,
    the only hope for the Republic is a Padawan and a Prince.

    Episode 4 Shadow Warrior

    September 30, 2011

    Can Jar Jar Binks defeat a Separatist invasion
    led by the evil General Grievous?


Clone Wars Season 4 Death Watch Preview

In Clone Wars Season 4 we will get more Mandalorian fun.  The Death Watch will return and we will be introduced to a new character, a female Mandalorian voiced by Katee Sackoff. 

Like padawan like master always loosing their lightsabers.

We will also get to see in this episode more interactions between Lux and Ahsoka.

Get your copy of Clone Wars Season 4 through our affiliate here: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Clone Wars Season 4 Looking Ahead at Water War and Gungan Attack

Underwater unrest!  The assassination of
the King of Calamari creates conflict between
the Mon Cala and the Quarren, so Padme and Anakin
are dispatched to make peace. 
But the Separatists have other plans...

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 4 Preview - "Water War"

This fun preview shows Kit Fisto in action, for some reason I just can not get enough of that jedi.  We will also get to see Captain Ackbar in action as a youth before his imperial imprisonment and eventual rise to Admiral Ackbar.  Even though Ackbar will be in it he will not mention traps Filoni said at Comic Con pannel.  

Water War is the First in the two part release for Clone Wars season four.  It is also the beginning of a three part story arc.

Plot:  The inhabitants of the watery world of Mon Calamari find themselves on the brink of a civil war. The Jedi soon realize they will need the help of a powerful and amphibious ally to stop the war and drive out the Separatist invaders.

The Jedi find themselves trapped by
sustained Separatist attacks. Can the Gungans save the day?

The second half and second episode is Gungan Attack. 

Plot:  The Jedi find themselves trapped by sustained Separatist attcks.  Can the Gungans save the day?

I beleive this will take place on Naboo this is due to two peices of evidence.  First, in Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines Trailer there is a breif moment when Count Dooku mentions attacking Naboo.  Secondly, there are gungans involved in helping the Jedi from a sustained Seperatist attcks.

Both will premier on September 16th 2011

  • Get your copy of Clone Wars Season 4 through our affiliate here: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines Trailer


Clone Wars Season 4 starts back up on September 16th 2011 and I can not wait Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Watch the trailer above.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 from iTunesThere are some really exciting things in the trailer like the fight between Asajj Ventress and General Grievous.  More Dathomir force witches. Anakin will struggle with some of his past and more of the dark side.  The Mandalorians are back with Death Watch and was that a lightsaber whip I saw toward the end or just and energy whip.

Was that Count Dooku ordering a rentless attack on Naboo?

Animation Verses Prejudice

Trade paperback cover of Buffy: Season Eight V...
Image via Wikipedia

John The Rogue Demon Hunter asks:

With all the Buffy and Angel cast getting older, would the fans being willing to accept further adventures in the animation style of Star Wars: The clone Wars?

Fans would be willing to accept further adventures of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly in an animation style.  The bigger question is would the general public accept further adventures in animation style?  Would the studios have the patience to back and distribute further adventures in animation style?

Joss Whedon has already transitioned those settings and characters into a comic format.  There is great acceptance and love for the continuation of the series in print comic form.  This leaves a short step to move from print to animation.

The current success of animated shows both on TV and in the direct to DVD markets also support the plausibility of doing more animated shows.  Clone Wars had a rocky start getting accepted though most of it was due to the new style they used in animation that took some getting used to.  The Simpsons had a lucky start with "bartmania" that still gets large ratings decades latter.  Both DC and Marvel’s direct to DVD animated movies prove both quality in animated projects and how they can cater to the adult market.

We face several problems that are hindering future projects.

General Public Prejudice

The general public in the American market has a prejudice against animated shows.  When first approaching an animated show they presume it is for children not adults.  Many don’t even bother to give those shows the time of day unless they are bringing their kids to watch it.

Though this public prejudice has decreased some in recent years it is still rampant.  I could not count the number of adults that give subtle nonverbal clues of disdain when they find out I’m watching Clone Wars or Planet Hulk.  Others still voice their prejudice by replying “I thought that was a show for kids?”

Many creators of animated projects have their demons to wrestle with too.  First, before the project is even done they have to admit they won’t win any prizes for the work due to the prejudice in viewing it as less no matter how brilliant and deserving.  Look at Avatar, the movie would have been better going full animation but instead it went with live action parts so that it could be a “movie with cool special effects”.

This prejudice holds back studios from giving a green light to an animated project that is not targeted toward the children / young adult markets.  This forces many good projects to include in kidsey elements and to remove some of the better adult elements.  Clone Wars season one is a great example of this problem.  The show was so much less than it could have been.  Once they got past the prejudice it got better in season two.

I Find Their Lack of Faith Most Disturbing

Because of the prejudice against animated projects they tend to take longer before picking up larger audience share.

Studios have been trending toward a less lenient policy when it comes to new projects.  They have been quick to cancel projects that don’t show immediate success.

This is a recipe for failure by proclamation instead of giving the project time to get over the inherent hurdles.

A New Hope

I hope that the American public continues to learn from the Japanese, and Korean animated markets.

I hope that we continue to see the trend in the decline of prejudice against animated projects.

I would love to see the continuing adventures of Firefly and Buffy the vampire slayer in animated format.

I've always wanted a Faith The Vampire Slayer series and wrote up a series outline. Maybe one day I will hook up with some animators.

I hope John finds some animator to help him with his Faith the Vampire Slayer project and that they then check in with us for many more projects.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Enter Boba Fett

Boba Fett!
Image by jbj via Flickr

Have you ever wondered what happened to the little boy in Attack of the Clones that will turn him into the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy?  We may get some answers when Boba Fett makes an appearance on The Clone Wars!

“How does he become that guy?  Much like George [Lucas] did with Darth Vader, but Boba's path is already set kind of in a much more direct way than young Anakin, because he saw his father die firsthand at that very early age”  Dave Filoni said in an interview at Wonder Con.

This may address Boba’s dislike of the Jedi and why he would have no problems taking jobs hunting them but it does not answer some of the other questions.

  • Who trained Boba Fett?
  • Where did he get the cold, detached business attitude from?

Enter Aurra Sing…

If you jumped no worries I did too.  Aurra Sing will be Boba Fetts mentor!

This makes so much sense.  Which other bounty hunter in the galaxy who is better than Boba Fett other than his mentor Aurra Sing.

She will be a motherly figure for him.  Taking in the child, training him in her ways…

  • very clear intentions on what it is that one wants
  • Not bound by emotions.
  • Where the job is just really about money, and power.

Boba Fett will appear in the episode Death Trap which airs April 23 and in the two-part finale R2 Come Home and Lethal Trackdown.

(via SCI FI Wire)

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Star Wars Much Ado About Something?

Thomas Dolby, Boulder Colorado 2006 Image via Wikipedia

Tomas Dolby posted a fun update on his blog about some future Star Wars projects that has got many running in circles.  Is it much ado about nothing rather then something?

Thomas Dolby, poptastic mastermind of Hyperactive and She Blinded Me With Science fame, posted an update to his blog about his current stay in Tiburon, CA, across the bay from San Francisco. His host, he revealed, is one Paul Sebastien of Lucasarts. The kicker comes when Dolby writes:

Last night he was telling me a little about the forthcoming Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online games—very cool indeed.

Because of the probable NDA he would have to be as vague as to mention a TV show, Movie and Online Games.  This would keep the actual project secret and would still be true since Lucas Arts is working on all three anyhow.  It sounds to me like he is referring to many of the projects that are already in the works.

Game:  The long awaited KTOR online MMORPG.  I can’t wait for that to come out.  There is also Star Wars Battlefront 3, also can't wait for that one.  And probably several other tie in games I would be shocked if there weren’t.

Lucas Arts is working on a live action TV show, a project that has been in the pipeline for a while now.  I hope that is what he was referring to.  I want to see this project.  Since the success of releasing the Clone Wars pilot as a movie I hope this will be repeated for the live action show.

What I wish they would do is:

  • KTOR movie, maybe a tie in to the MMORPG
  • A movie taking the Star Wars saga forward after the Yavin event or maybe a movie version of Legacy of the Force!

I can hope.

(via /Film)

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Review: Clone Wars 206 Weapons Factory

Luminara and Anakin act as decoys to divert new enemy super-tanks, while Padawans Barriss Offee and Ahsoka attempt to destroy a Separatist droid factory.  "No gift is more precious than trust." Star Wars: Clone Wars episode 206 Weapons Factory airs November 13, 2009.  Watch it streaming online here

Weapons Factory preview

What did you think about episode 206 Weapons Factory?

Let me know in the comments below what you like, dislike and are your favorite moments?

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Clone Wars Fun: Make Your Own Mask

Asajj-ventress-mask-clone-warsA fun and easy crafting project with printable masks for Star Wars Clone Wars.  These could make for simple paper masks or for the more advanced craters out there a nice template to use to make a more advanced mask. The different type of masks include:

  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Clone Captain Rex
  • Clone Trooper
  • Clone Commander Cody
  • Clone Captain Rex

PDF of Clone Wars Masks

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(via Star Wars)

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Weekend Craft: Drawing Aurra Sing

drawing-aura-sing-clone-warsAurra Sing is one of the coolest Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars Universe.  Now we can draw her with six easy steps.

Star Wars illustrator Jessica Hickman explains with these easy-to-follow steps how to draw the bounty hunter Aurra Sing from The Clone Wars animated TV series.  (Star Wars)

Aurra Sing is the closest thing Star Wars has to an imortal with her fathers origins being unkown.  She was taken in as a young child and trained as a Jedi padawan.

At the age of nine she was kidnapped by pirates and tricked to blame the Jedi for her situation.  She was then sold to the Hutts and Received training as an assassin.

She took her collective training becoming a bounty hunter and her anger toward the Jedi to add the title of Jedi hunter.

I can't wait to see her involvement in the second season of Clone Wars.

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Meet The Bounty Hunters

Star Wars Clone Wars season two is the Rise of the Bounty Hunters so who can we look forward to meet.  The trailer below gives us a look at some.

Featured in the trailer.

Cad Bane


We met him at the end of season two.  After the death of Jango Fett, Bane became the most feared hunter.  He will be the main bounty hunter in this season.

Aurra Singaurra-sing

My personal favorite and in my book was always the most deadly bounty hunter out there.  This is due in part to her Jedi training in use of the force, her training as an Anzati assassin and partially because of her heritage.

Cato Parasitti

Cato-parasittiA shape-changing lethal assassin willing to work for anyone who could afford her astronomical fee.


We know him best from his appearance in Empire Strikes Back.  A Trandoshan which is probably all needed to be known since the species are best known as pirates, slavers, and bounty hunters.  Bossk is well known for his love of hunting Wookies.

Others I hope to see:


DurgeWe get to see him in action on the animated clone wars shorts.  He is particularly formidable as a bounty hunter due to his Gen'Dai heritage and enhanced battle armor.  He has a fondness for hunting Mandalorians and was disappointed to have to settle with Jango Fetts clones.  Though that did not stop him from killing many clones.  I hope he makes an appearance in this season.

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Clone Wars Season Two


Rise of the Bounty Hunters

In season two we move from a two sided war to introducing the Bounty Hunters.  The show primers October 2nd on Cartoon Network.

We're going to see a different kind of adversary, posing a different kind of threat...  They're bounty hunters and mercenaries who are taking advantage of the turmoil to make a big score.  We got a taste at the end of the first season with Cad Bane, but we're going to see a lot more of that.  They're a resource for taking out Jedi -- and they're good at their jobs. Things are going to get ugly.  -DAVE FILONI

From Season one to Season Two

This season brings promises of being better then season one.  With season one Lucas was restricted by working in the new medium.  They also admit that season one had many more single episodes that did not span much of an arc.

I like how Lucas and Filoni are promising us more in season two.  They have worked out the kinks in their production model.  This has allowed them to put in more characters, more action and I hope more story depth as well.

The first season was similar to Episode IV, in that it was fairly light and the conflict was straightforward. With the second season, we're going deeper into the stories and the character dynamics. The progression is a lot like the difference between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.  -GEORGE LUCAS

The Bounty Hunters

In season two we will get to meet many bounty hunters: Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, Cato Parasitti, and Bossk.  For more on each read Meet The Bounty Hunters.

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Clone Wars Complete Season One on DVD

clone-wars-season1Finally the teasing ends with the release of Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One (TV Series). This box set contains

  • 4 discs
  • All 22 episodes, including seven director's cut episodes
  • 22 behind-the-scenes featurettes including director and crew interviews
  • 64-page production journal with original sketches and artist notes

The box set will be released November 3rd.

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DVD Releases: September 15, 2009

Out this week we have five DVDs to feature:  Sanctuary: The Complete First Season, Doctor Who: The Next Doctor, The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season, Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Clone Commandos, Primeval, Vol. 2 (Series 3), X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

  • sanctuary.jpgSanctuary: The Complete First Season:  What a great sci-fi show.  I love how it started as an independent web project utilizing an all virtual backdrop style that looks great.  A must own exploration into the world of the abnormals.   In season one we get to see the Sanctuary, Witches, a folding man, the dangerous Kush, the ever adorable Nubbins I want one and I know not to feed it after midnight, Nikola Tesla, Werewolfs, Vampires, and much more.  Starring: Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Emilie Ullerup, Ryan Robbins, Christopher Heyerdahl, Agam Darshi.  I can't wait for season two to start on October 9th
  • Doctor Who: The Next Doctor (2008 Christmas Special): Victorian London is the setting of this "Doctor Who" Christmas special, which finds the time-traveling doc (David Tennant) arriving in the city on Christmas Eve, 1851, to investigate a string of murders -- only to encounter a familiar foe: the Cybermen. He also crosses paths with another Doctor (David Morrissey) -- whom he believes is a regeneration of himself -- and together they must battle their common enemy, the evil Mercy Hartigan.
  • The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season: This show is great geeky fun that is also a celebration in fandom.  Whenever I want a nice laugh that still stimulates my mind with random science and a verbose vocabulary Big Bang Theory is my pick.  I see a lot of myself in Leonard and I do live with Sheldon.
  • star-wars-clone-wars-clone-commander-front
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Clone Commandos:  The second pack release of the TV Star Wars Series: Clone Wars.  This DVD has four really good episodes  "Rookies," "Storm Over Ryloth," "Innocents of Ryloth" and "Liberty on Ryloth."  Full of Mace Windu goodness a plus yet not the complete series.  I already own the complete series through Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  For those wanting to get it on DVD I would wait for the complete season which has a rumored fall release, fingers crossed.
  • Primeval, Vol. 2 (Series 3):  Is this series any good?  I have watched some of the trailers for it but they did not get me excited to want to watch it.  Evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter recruits Egyptologist Sarah Page to the team, hoping her research can shed some light on the mysterious time anomalies that continue to deposit dangerous dinosaurs in modern England.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine:  This movie was an utter piece of excrement.  Don't waste your time.  If you are insistent on wasting your money then at least support us by buying it here:

Netflix, Inc.Netflix lets you rent, watch and return DVDs from home - Try free for 2 weeks

Darth Vader's march on the Jedi Temple accompa... Image via Wikipedia

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SF TV Series To Watch This Fall

Ghost Hunters
Image via Wikipedia

With so many Speculative Fiction shows and new shows coming out this fall I thought I could help sort them all out.

Currently Airing

  • Eureka (Syfy):  A fun sci-fi show.  Love it, watch it on Hulu
  • Ghost Hunters (Syfy):  Fascinating exploration of U.S. ghost stories and haunting investigation.  Love it watch it on Hulu
  • Warehouse 13 (Syfy):  A fun sci-fi show that adds a dash of paranormal into it.   Love it, watch it on Hulu


  • Glee (FOX):  loved the pilot, a nice feel good musical tale with a dash of fantasy.
  • Destination Truth (Syfy):  Loved the previous seasons can’t wait to see what Josh and the gang get into this season.  Hopefully nothing from Chernobyl bit Josh.


  • The Vampire Diaries (CW):  A vampire is in it so I have to check it out but I don’t have much hope.  I realize it is not a Twilight clone (I have been schooled on that subject, lol) yet I can only hope that it is way better then Twilight.
  • Supernatural (CW):  I’m a sucker for a paranormal show involving demon hunters so this is on my check out list because I also realize there are a lot of bad ones out there as well.
Destination Truth
Image via Wikipedia


  • The Forgotten (ABC): I don’t have much hope for this show, mainly I’m concerned this will turn out to be yet another show for people who don’t like sci-fi to watch.


  • Eastwick (ABC):  The trailers looks really good, they captured the essence of the movie so well in the promotional material I’m looking forward to watching it.


  • Dollhouse (FOX):  Season one rocked!!! A must see
  • Smallville (CW): I could appreciate the concept behind Smallville but until this season just didn’t care enough bout the show to want to watch it but with Callum Blue joining the cast this year I think I may start watching it.


  • The Simpsons (FOX):  If you don’t know then I’m at a loss for words.


Morena Baccarin at the 2005 Serenity "fla...
Image via Wikipedia

  • Stargate Universe (Syfy):  I started out not caring much about this show, but as more came out and especially the latest trailers I’m excited to watch it.
  • Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters (Cartoon):  Season two of George Lucas' animated Star Wars tales covering the era of the Clone Wars.  The animation style is a unique style that has been difficult for some to get into but worth it.  The story is really good though lighter because the show is marketed more towards a kid audience I have hope that the second season will get better.


  • Ugly Betty (ABC):  What an amazing retelling of the classic fantasy tale
  • Sanctuary (Syfy):  The original web series was good.  The first season was awesome so of course I’m looking forward to season two.


  • V (ABC):  I enjoyed growing up with the original show V and it is one that could use a retelling, plus Morena Baccarin.

November 7

  • Legend of the Seeker (syndication):  Season one was so good I can’t wait to see how season two unfolds.

I find it interesting that all of the speculative fiction programming out there are on either sy-fy, Fox, CW, or ABC.

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The Clone Wars webcomic returns


Star added ‘Hunting the Hunters’ to their webcomic collection.  It covers events that occur between season one and season two of The Clone Wars.  Read it onlin here.

The reader  is a little tricky to use.  There is a fit to screen option that makes the text a little bit bigger but I still needed to zoom in to read some of the text... either a sign of my age or because I was on my laptop.  The other problem is that this story starts on page 170 so you have to flip through to the desired page waiting for all of the earlier pages to load slowing down the load time.

I wished they would have just followed other webcomic successes like Looking for Group and made each page a full page.  The reading of the comic would be a more enjoyable experience and I don't mean like so enjoyable that one might not buy the comic when it is published but more enjoyable so that someone on the fence about Star Wars would stick around long enough to actually read the story.  Also by following that model they could have increased the load time since each page is by it's self and Star would have been able to get more add revenue from comic readers as we would have had adds showing up for each page we read.

Though the delivery could use improvement the 5 page read is still interesting.

(via Club Jade)

The Clone Wars - Clone Commandos DVD

star-wars-clone-wars-clone-commander-frontStar Wars: The Clone Wars - Clone Commandos (TV Series Season 1, Vol. 2) DVD will hit the shelves on September 15, 2009 and can be preordered now from amazon here. WARNING:  This DVD will have only 4 episodes from season one and is not the eagerly awaited Clone Wars season one box set which is supposed to be released latter this year.

I do love that the cover features Mace Windu one of my favorite characters with his purple lightsaber.

  • "Rookies," Captain Rex and Commander Cody must inspire a rookie unit -- posted alone on a distant moon -- to believe in themselves in order to stave off a Separatist droid commando attack.
  • The three part Ryloth series


(via Star Wars)

The Clone Wars Season 2 Trailer and Streaming

While we are anxiously awaiting the return of Clone Wars season 2 here is some fun for everyone.  Watch the trailer for season two above.

The free streaming replays of Clone Wars season one continue with commentary.  They are calling them decoded episodes.  Watch the two latest episodes here.

For more on Clone Wars and reviews of episodes read here.

Review: Clone Wars 122 Hostage Crisis

Review of:  Star Wars: Clone Wars 122  Hostage Crisis Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Overall Rating: 7

Aurra_SingTo free crime lord Ziro the Hutt, bounty hunters seize control of the Senate Building and take hostages -- completely unaware that Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker is still inside.

This was a good episode of Clone Wars.  We get to see two bounty hunters in action Cad Bane & Aurra Sing.  I’m really curious how much of Aurra’s story line we will get to see as the show progresses.

As a big fan of Star Wars it really pains me to say this but this episode was not much of a season finally.  It lacked any kind of fanfare one might expect nor was there any kind of cliffhanger ending either.  Saying that I must remember that this is a show made for children and episodes like this one really remind me that I’m not even considered for their target audience.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the live action show to get great Star Wars fun.

Get you copy from: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Check back latter for a list of my most favorite episodes from season one!

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