Chuck and V Renewed!

Good news everyone!  ABC picked up Chuck for a 4th season and V gets a second one. I've been enjoying watching both shows.  With their season end approaching fast I had concerns whether they would get a next season.

This is a good time for those not watching V to get back into the show.  The first few episodes are slow and it's difficult to get into the characters but they build so that by mid season all of the set up pays off and the intrigue gets really good.

Both Chuck and V are available streaming online.  Watch them below.



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Chuck: The Tao of Morgan

Chuck discovers he learned Kung Fu from the In...
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In life all of us have to wrestle with love, family, and our purpose in life.  When on the right path one finds everything moves smoothly and when not one finds difficulty.  I’m really enjoying the third season of Chuck and their representation of those real struggles.

By using the intersect and chuck's ability to access it as a symbol of chuck's spiritual compass we get to clearly see when his life is out of balance.  Like in life, when one gets so out of balance, there comes a time when a spiritual adviser comes along to put one back on the path.  For Chuck this was the Tao of Morgan.

Chuck Verses the False Choice

Chuck’s purpose in life is facing a false choice between the old Chuck verses spy Chuck.  Unfortunately by working within the confines of labels he is unable to see how both choices are wrong.  Old Chuck denies how he is very capable and spy Chuck denies his emotions which is his source of strength.  He has to find the real Chuck.

To protect Chuck’s family he made a false choice to keep them at a distance.  This false choice is causing great problems in Chuck’s life because it is his family that grounds him.  To protect them he need’s them close and to keep a distance between himself and his spy life.

In love Chuck made a false choice by believing Sarah is not an option.  This false choice is preventing him from finding out what kind of romantic relationship really exists between them.  He is left with unresolved emotions that also prevents any future choices.  Thus the relationship with Hanna is not able to move forward because Chuck has not resolved his position with Sarah.

With all of those false choices Chuck is left lost and out of balance.  This manifests it’s self by his inability to access the intersect.  Then enters his spiritual advisor to put him back on the path.

Tao of Morgan

Chuck reveals his spy identity to Morgan.  One might expect two years of lying to hurt the friendship but not in Morgan’s case because he understands the way.  I love how out of all the people in Chuck’s life Morgan is his spiritual guide.

The Tao of Morgan:  Follow your bliss and be true to yourself.  This is the real secret to our purpose in life and it is a path not a destination.

The Real Chuck

The real Chuck is a very capable person who cares to do the good and protect innocent people from harm.  He draws his strength from his emotions which is directly tied to his desire to do good and protect innocent people from harm.  This is why Chuck’s emotions play such a vital role.

He gets back on the path of following his bliss and being true to himself after putting Morgan back into his life.

The Struggle Continues

Now we must see how chuck resolves his false choices that lead him off the path in the first place.  I don’t see him finding his true self right away since it is his peers that keep perpetuating the false choice between being a spy or being his old self.  Sarah sees the real Chuck but is unable to clearly tell him because of the unresolved feelings between them.

Will Chuck find his true self?

What kind of relationship do you see Chuck and Sarah having by the end of season three?

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Chuck vs Hanna Spy or Civilian?

What do you think of Chuck’s potential new love interest Hanna? Kristin Kreuk did a great job on Chuck vs First Class as Hannah.  She delivered a likable yet sharp character who has and internal strength.  I really like how she is able as a character to stand up to Sarah making Hannah a viable temptation for Chuck.

What I wonder though is she a spy or a civilian?

Hannah has demonstrated some viable spy characteristics.  She had a lengthy conversation with chuck without revealing any real information about herself.  She has a keen eye for discerning who people really are and their intentions.  She was willing to move from Paris, France to Burbank, California to be with Chuck.

If Hanna has been placed to be close to Chuck do you think Shaw could be behind it all to put an end between Chuck and Sarah?

Looking Ahead at Season Three of Chuck

chuck-1Zachary Levi sat down for an interview about season three of Chuck.  Some of the answers were most amusing and others were quite revealing about what we can expect in season three.

  • The 13 episode arc is tightly written and wont be changed
  • The 6 additional episodes will be a mini arc in it’s own.  Informed by the previous arc but not part of a bigger arc.
  • There will be some international travel in season 3.
  • Chuck will be more a part of the action like a Neo from the Matrix but he is a flawed superhero.  He will kick butt at times but the intersect can fritz out when Chuck’s emotions get the better of him.
  • They will play more with who Chuck is.  I love the tension between Chuck the good guy and the spy who has to lie and do darker things.

One of the cool things in the writing is that it’s noted that Chuck is becoming better and better at lying, which is good and bad. He’s losing himself in this world of espionage a little too well sometimes. Much to the chagrin of Sarah, who really likes Chuck for Chuck and doesn’t want him to lose who he is. I don’t think Chuck wants to lose who he is either, although he does want this spy life because it’s something that gives his life meaning and purpose outside of fixing people’s computers.

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Chuck Me! Season 3 To Be a Late Christmas Present

Some great news, Chuck season 3 returns early January 10th for a 2 hour premier!  Watch the announcement and a preview of a scene from the premier in the video above.

I can’t wait to see where season 3 will take us:

  • More Chuck Me! action
  • Chuck taking charge of some missions
  • The Buy More gang is back

[reus name="Chuck iFrame"]

The scene looks great I laughed watching Chuck trying to play in a band.  They show him accessing his internal intersect or as a Matrix fan I like to say getting an upgrade from the operator.

The best is the dancing laser security scene which will rock.  I laughed so hard at the few second flash I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

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Chuck moved to March 2010!!

Chuck vs The Footlong - SAVE CHUCK!
Image by Cara_VSAngel via Flickr

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, but NBC is holding off on showing new episodes of "Chuck" until March at the earliest (Airlock Alpha).

WTF?!?  It was bad enough we were going to have to wait to January, but March?  I might loose my mind over this...

NBC didn't give a reason for this move, so I am lead to believe they feed on tears and frustration.

I am not sure if we need to get active about this or not.  Why?  I doubt NBC will care.

What do you think we should do about this?

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Chuck: Jeffster, LIVE! Comic Con 09

JeffsterJeffster exploded onto the music scene with their big break through wedding gig where they played Mr. Roboto for Ellie's wedding.  Now watch them explode on the stage at SDCC as "Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian play Fat Bottom Girls" live.  Watch the video below

What an amazing, energizing way to start off a panel.  Once again Chuck has inspired me and broke me free of my box, the ideas flow for the structure of my next panel...

For those who missed it... what were you thinking and for those like me who can't get enough of this video, Check out Jeffster's performance of Mr. Roboto below.

chuck-season1Support the cause for more chuck with the loudest voice we have... through the market.

For More on Chuck click here

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Chuck returns with a shorter season

Chuck: Nerd HerdMore good news!

NBC has renewed Chuck for a 13-episode third season, striking a deal with Warner Brothers Television to bring back the cult show with a smaller production budget, Variety reported.

The renewal haggling between NBC and Warner over the past few weeks has centered entirely on cost-cutting issues, insiders told the trade paper (SCI FI Wire).

Unconscionable Abuse of Fandom

I can understand the long debate over Dollhouse's renewal.  That was a new media vs old media fight that we are going to be seeing happen more often in the future, but to tell the fans that the show they love could be canceled when you are bickering over money is just bad form.

The network and production company should have been upfront with the fans that they were arguing over such a petty issue.

In the future, I hope they are more honest about their issues so we know who and what the problem really is.

Review: Chuck 222 Chuck Versus the Ring

Review of:  Chuck 222 Chuck Versus the Ring  Chuck Overall Rating: 10

On Ellie's and Awesome's wedding day, everything has to be perfect.  This becomes increasingly difficult when Roark crashes the party wanting the intersect cube.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

chuck-season1Chuck Versus the Ring is the best episode of the season.  The writers did an amazing job by wrapping up the loose story arcs, while maintaining the tension of and bringing to the forefront the main story arcs for season three.  The acting from everyone is just spot on and they even raised the bar on the music front.

The music throughout the series amazed me.  In this episode they introduce a new best fight scene to music and get to feature Jeffster’s cover of the “Mr. Roboto” by Styx.  I think that Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky actually sang a cover and did a really good job with it.  Their cover starts 14:53 in and below watch the music video of the Styx singing the original.

Do you think Orion is ambidextrous?  He wears his cool wrist brace on his left arm operating it with his right hand suggesting that Orion is right handed yet he threw a left hook in a fight with Ted Roark favoring the left hand.

I really enjoyed how they brought the whole Chuck you are a hero motif to an apex in this episode.  Throughout this season Chuck wrestles with what it means to be a hero.  He learns what it means but still doubts that he is one.  His father gives Chuck his final boon and sets him off down the path.  Yet even with that Chuck still doubts his own awesomeness, but when the moment comes he makes the hero’s choice and puts together everything he learned from the series.

This episode is the best argument for another season of Chuck.  If you haven't already voice your opinion here


  • It was just great to watch all of the cast acting so brilliantly in this episode
  • Bruce Boxleitner as Awesome’s father ruled.
  • Jeffster returns!!!  Their singing of "Mr. Roboto" by Styx rocked.  I think that should be an MP3 for sale I would have bought it.
  • They fill in the Brice storyline
  • They fill in the rest of Orion’s storyline
  • The advancement of Chuck’s storyline by concluding his questions and concerns from this season and setting him up for next season.
  • Best fight sequence to “Mr. Roboto”
  • Introduction to the Ring and a brilliant set up for a season 3
  • Casey’s facial expressions in the last scene were classic!
  • Nice homage to the Matrix.


  • This was a minor concern but I did have to stop and justify to myself on how Casey’s team was so easily taken out in the castle.

Favorite Quotes

  • “There is no need to curse.  You know damn well what I want.”
  • “If you don't deliver that Cube within a half hour, 40 minutes tops with traffic...”
  • “Kevin, why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian wreck your wedding?”
  • “Hmm, a real shotgun wedding.  Just think that terrible pun is the last thing you will ever hear.”
  • “Oh chuck me!”

For More on Chuck click here

Get you copy from: Chuck

Get your copy of Chuck - The Complete First Season from Amazon here. and Chuck: The Complete Second Season here.

Spoiler Alert

I loved that they revealed Orion having the intersect in his head.  It helped to explain how he was able to stay one step ahead of everyone for so long.

It was a nice touch to give Brice an honorable conclusion.  First they reveal that he was not the jerk he was originally portrayed to be, that in fact he was working with Orion to help protect Chuck.  Even towards the end he did not try to steal Chuck’s girl.  I was kind of sad to see him go.

The Ring is brought to the forefront in this episode.  First, the name of the episode having a double meaning was not lost on me, I loved it.  Fulcrum is revealed to only be a part of the Ring which has different goals from Fulcrum.  The Ring also appears to have even better quality spies which should make for a very interesting season three (fingers crossed and letters sent) upping the stakes for Chuck.

To coincide with the added challenge from The Ring , Chuck moved from a hero to a superhero.  I love how season 2 was all about Chuck learning how to be a hero and in this episode they move him into being a superhero.  He gets Orion’s arm brace allowing him technological access to almost all systems and he gets an intersect upgrade allowing him to pull a Neo from the Matrix.  The combat flash was awesome, especially that they finished the scene with chuck giving an homage to the matrix and my most favorite quote of the season: “Guys… I know kung fu.”  I hope that season three will open with some kind of scene where a Morpheus type character (ahem… Casey) steps in and asks Chuck to prove it.

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"Save Chuck," the Nerd Herd Speaks

I am thrilled to see how many people love Chuck and want to see a third season.  This site has been swamped with hits to our "Save the Nerd" post, and CNN iReport has been flooded with videos like the creative one above.

The response is so overwhelming that CNN has taken notice and is highlighting some of the best.

Chuck: Nerd Herd"Chuck" co-creator Josh Schwartz said he is blown away by the overwhelming support.

It's no surprise, he said, that the nerd herd has utilized social networking to get the word out, because "this show is by geeks, about geeks and for geeks, so who better to know how to adapt to emerging technologies." "Nerd Herd employee" speaks [above]

"The show has been a great gift to work on and we always really believed in it," said Schwartz, who has a hit on his hands with his other show, "Gossip Girl." "What we are trying to do with the show is something that is original and a blend of so many different genres ... and so I think it has the ability to reach a broad spectrum."

Schwartz, his crew and his cast won't know until close to May 5 -- the day of NBC's "upfront" presentation, in which the fall schedule is presented to advertisers -- whether "Chuck" will survive (CNN).

May 5th is D-Day

    Now we know the date, so get your friends to show their support for Chuck, and if you haven't already, contact NBC!

    Review: Chuck 221 Chuck Versus the Colonel

    Review of:  Chuck 221 Chuck Versus the Colonel  Chuck

    Overall Rating: 10

    Sarah and Chuck risk everything to find Chuck's father; Emmett grabs the helm of Buy More.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

    Leave no man behind.  A running theme throughout this episode that I enjoyed.  The writers did this show justice by flipping the usual situation on it's head.  Instead of the military characters being the one upholding the leave no man behind philosophy they have Chuck upholding it and the government agency characters doing the opposite.  The whole situation started when Chuck would not leave Orion behind taking Sarah with him as they go AWOL.  Then Chuck risks himself and Sarah to save Casey, the very person who is hunting them, so that he was not left behind to fall into Fulcrum's hands.  Then Chuck risks himself and Casey to save Sarah from Fulcrum agents so that she is not left behind.  What was really fun was watching Casey and Sarah learn from Chucks actions enabling them to become more heroic.

    Casey's gooey center... What! you say, yes Casey has a gooey soft inside.  I love this aspect about this character because it gives him more depth.  All Casey really desires is to be loved and accepted as a friend and family by his team members.  This is why he turns so nasty toward them, if only they had invited him to go along to get Orion.  Then there is Casey's scene in Castle which is more about betraying their friendship.  After he is invited as a friend to join them then he is all happy again.  Even at the end Casey clarifies to test Chuck to see if Chuck only thinks of him as a co-worker inviting Casey out of a sense of social obligation or duty or if Chuck generally wants him to join them as a friend.

    Devon aka Awesome also had some great moments in this episode.  He really steps up and investigates into all of the weirdness going on surrounding Chuck.  I really loved how the writers used his character to knit together the Buy More events and Chuck's other spy life events.  They also  used the Devon character to fill in story line element but with more of a lighthearted tone to it which helped out the flow of this episode tremendously and did not feel artificially placed.  Then there was Awesome’s freak out scene which was so well acted I laughed so hard at Ryan McPartlin's facial expressions.

    *****Spoiler Alert ***** I found it interesting that the writers seem to be building to a completion of the series.  I wonder if this is why people think that the show might end.  I on the other hand doubt that.  Do you really think that the counter programming really worked?  Chuck could have a relapse or what Orion did was actually give Chuck more control where he now does not flash on stuff but can call up the info on demand, aka the induced flash like in a couple of episodes ago.  Even if it did get the intersect out of Chuck's head his mind has demonstrated to have rare qualities for data storage and recall wouldn't he still be an asset to any one who could use chuck?  ******End Alert ********

    Likes 7

    • The Godfather running joke with Big Mike
    • The Ass Man, aka the assistant manager but only taking the first three letters from each word.
    • The team working together to make all members stronger
    • Casey's soft center
    • The symbolism in Casey and his ability to hit the target in the fireplace this time unlike in season one episode.
    • "Captain Awesome" was more involved in this episode and Ryan McPartlin did a great and entertaining job acting in his scenes.
    • I love the joke about how everyone comes and goes thorugh Chuck's window like it’s an open door.
    • Morgan's secret desire to move to Hawaii and become a hibachi chief
    • Jeff and Lester get into Casey's locker and their antics that follow
    • Death by a wall unit radiator,  what a nice twist on a weapon.
    • How Chuck can not leave anyone behind
    • Sarah keeps kicking Casey's butt in multiple fights.
    • The development of the romantic story line between Chuck and Sarah


    • How everyone underestimates Fulcrum, thinking that one base in Barstow would be it.

    Favorite Quotes

    • “Is every thing ok.”  “Yea.  No, dude, actually, for the first time everything is-is fine.  It’s all over.”
    • "If it does work.  Same result, but, you know, you should root for it.  I mean, nobody likes a cynic."
    • “Bro take another step and I will drop you.”  “Not bad for a frat boy.”
    • “From one stalker to another I’m impressed.”
    • “Babe we’ve got to get a lock for that window.”

    For More on Chuck click here

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    Save the Nerd! Chuck Fans Unite!

    It is time to send those emails and letters to keep Chuck on the air! Email here

    Snail mail letters should be sent to:

    NBC’s Chuck 3000 W Alameda Ave Burbank, CA 91523

    Ben Silverman Co-Chairman 3000 W. Alameda Admin Building Burbank, CA 91523

    Angela Bromstad President of Primetime Series 100 Universal City Plaza Bldg 1320, 4th Floor Universal City, CA 91608


    Update (May 1, 2009)!

    We now  know that NBC will make its decision by May 5th.  For more info, check out this post!

    Review: Chuck 220 Versus the First Kill

    Review of:  Chuck 220 Versus the First Kill Chuck Overall Rating: 8

    When Chuck's ex Jill is recruited out of prison to rescue his father from Fulcrum, trust is put to the test; at the Buy More, Emmett devises a ruse to steal Big Mike's job.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

    Chuck verses the First Kill brings the theme of who can you trust to an apex.  I really liked how they used Chuck’s and Morgan’s experiences to debate the various nuances that goes into trust.  Trust is earned and reciprocated.

    I love how they used the music in this episode.  First they use Twisted Sister’s "We're Not Gonna Take It" to symbolize the rebellion at the Buy More.  They Play Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” during a chase scene that added a hilarious joke level to the scene.  The return of Twisted Sister’s "We're Not Gonna Take It" but in a cathartic, striking back context.

    I was very skeptical when they claimed that the last few episodes of the second season of Chuck would change everything.  As corny as they promotional campaign sounds I must agree.  With the reveal of Chucks dad in the last episode and with the bold twists taken in this one it appears that they are systematically turning every aspect of Chuck’s life on it’s head.  I must credit the writers for taking such a bold move.  To risk the fun and successful template that they had for the show in order to keep it from going stale deserves applause and I’m excited to see if they can pull it off.

    The look inside of a Fulcrum recruiting agency was a very interesting part of this episode.  They have up on the walls a motivational poster “Leadership First” that has images that are very reminiscent of the Hitler youth images.  I found this a fascinating touch and supporting of my theory that the struggle between the government and Fulcrum is symbolic of the struggle between democracy and fascism.  When they show the video watch it closely…


    • The subtle and light debate on torture made through some quick comments by Casey and Sarah.
    • Casey and Sarah’s subtle interaction was hilarious in this episode for instance Sarah’s look when Casey makes a crack about how Chuck now qualifies for conjugal visits.
    • The Morgan a combat maneuver worthy of Max Smart
    • Emmett who is a Machiavellian genius
    • The “Are you wearing a wire?” running joke in this episode was brilliant.
    • The Homage of The Godfather

    Dislikes / Concerns

    • The Subway product placement:  I found it sleazy… Like Big Mike I too enjoy Subway but if I were to ask the question what food does Big Mike like the most what comes to mind?  Doughnuts! they really build this up through out the first and second season without mention of his love of subs.  They should have done a better job with the product placement.  This scene really shattered the immaculate reality, fun and adventure that the show usually maintains so well.

    Favorite Quotes

    • “Talk about beauty and the beast, you must be loaded”
    • “I don’t know if he wants to kill me or eat me” while playing hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran

    For More Chuck click here

    Get you copy from: Chuck

    Chuck - The Complete First Season

    Next Week: Chuck Versus the Colonel:  When Chuck and Sarah go to free Steve, they discover spending time together allows for uncharted chemistry.

    Spoiler Alert

    The Morgan:  A combat maneuver invented by Morgan in school used to defend himself while being beat up by girls.  Chuck gives more credibility to this maneuver in a brilliant Max Smart manner when Chuck gets his first two kills because of it… kind of.  I love this touch.  To execute the Morgan one would cower and cover the vitals… that is the head and groin area.

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    Review: Chuck 219 Versus the Dream Job

    Review of:  Chuck 219 Versus the Dream Job  Chuck Overall Rating: 9

    When Chuck and Ellie reunite with their father after he left them as children, the lines are blurred between family and Chuck's next assignment.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

    I really liked this episode.  In Chuck versus the Dream Job they really advance the story of Chuck with himself, Chuck with the intersect, Chuck with his family, Chuck with his handlers, Chuck with the CIA, and Chuck with Fulcrum.  They also add in two great characters Chuck’s dad being played by Scott Bakula and Ted Roark being played by Chevy Chase.

    Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase did a great job with their respective characters.  I was really impressed with how Stephen’s body language and physical appearance changed with the appropriate scene.  Watch Stephen’s eyes in the earlier scenes his acting actually put clues in his eyes and where he is focusing.

    What did you think about the technology featured on the armband in this episode.  I love how we got a closer look at it and it appears to be part of the fabric putting forth the wearable computing technology… good geeky fun.

    Time for a tin foil hat theory:  In this episode the main villain is free open source software.  I wonder if this is part of a trend to subtly vilify the free open source movement in the minds of the public.


    • That Scott Bakula said “Oh boy” as an homage to Quantum Leap
    • Chevy Chase’s acting
    • Scott Bakula’s acting
    • The bromancy between Chuck and Morgan
    • Chuck facing Casey
    • Chevy Chase’s greeting “In A Gadda Da Vida”
    • the computer messages: “Access denied have an amazing day!” “Access denied twice, maybe I should call security.”

    Favorite Quotes

    • “You don’t have the common curtsey to threaten me with a real firearm”
    • “Access denied have an amazing day!”
    • “Access denied twice, maybe I should call security.”
    • “In A Gadda Da Vida”

    For More Chuck click here

    Get you copy from: Chuck

    Chuck - The Complete First Season

    Spoiler Alert

    Chuck vs. Himself:  He really develops in this episode pulling together a lot of lessons learnt from his earlier adventures to allow him to overcome himself.  Chuck faces his fears and applies for a dream job as himself outside of the Buy More.  Chuck stands up for himself physically and faces John Casey.  He also pulls together a true understanding of what a heroic agent would do and engages a group of Fulcrum agents.

    Chuck vs. The Intersect:  Chuck figures out what the plans are.  Discovers who Orion is.  Learns about a new intersect and a possible means on how to use the intersect to get the images out of his head.

    Chuck vs. His Family:  Chuck brings his dad back home and learns the real reason why he walked out on the family so long ago.

    Chuck vs. His Handlers:  Chuck resolves some of the trust issues that he has been wrestling with and he earns a new level of respect from both.

    Chuck vs. The Intersect:  Chuck learns how to access the intersect within his own mind on command instead of having to wait for the chance to flash.

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    Review: Chuck 218 Versus the Broken Heart

    Review of:  Chuck 218 Versus the Broken Heart  Chuck Overall Rating: 8.5

    When Alex -- a coldhearted agent assigned to monitor Sarah -- joins the team, her ruthless methods cut way too close to home for Chuck.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

    This is another great geeky episode of Chuck that moves the story forward.  Chuck is really put into some emotionally tense situation when General Beckman takes up the role of the antagonist.

    General Beckman antagonizes Chuck on an internal front and a personal front.  First they accuse Chuck of being weak due to his feelings then Beckman sets out to remove the distractions.  Secondly they mess with people close to chuck antagonizing Chucks loyalties.

    I love how they show us more evidence making Fulcrum’s victories up to this point more believable.  The inept actions of General Beckman leaving such an easy and obvious method to stumble upon evidence of a persons secret is staggering.  The fact that she would leave a situation where any one could walk in say the right word and uncover a persons secret identity really screams out bad security.

    In Chuck Versus the Broken Heart they really wrestle with the question: Does emotions and feelings toward others make for a weak agent?

    • Find out what a 49B is.
    • Find out why you never want to hire Jeff to book entertainment for a bachelor party
    • Find out what type of woman can make Agent Casey swoon.
    • Will Chuck find his father?

    Best Quotes

    • “The world revolves around the sun not you Chuck.  Oh astronomy snap!”
    • “Is it really you or am I super stoned.”

    Get you copy from: Chuck

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    Review: Chuck 216 Versus The Lethal Weapon

    Review of:  Chuck: Chuck Versus The Lethal Weapon Chuck Overall Rating: 8

    After MI-6 Agent Cole Barker was captured by Fulcrum, Chuck must go under 24 hour watch and can not move in with Morgan.  Now he must figure out how to break the bad news to Morgan.  Meanwhile he pursues one of Fulcrum's scientists, in hopes of learning how to get the Intersect out of his head.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

    I really enjoy the Get Smart feel that this show has with chuck as this adorable bumbling success of an agent.  They also permeated the show with so many geek and speculative fiction fandom references which has lent the show such a familiar feel.  One game I love to play is picking out all of those references in each show.


    • The Dance Like an Egyptian remix was awesome
    • Jeff and Lester: repulsion is our business our business is good
    • The hobble chase scene, awesome
    • Robert Picardo: I love that he was in this episode
    • The MI-6 Agent Cole Barker kept cracking me up as he reminded me of Eric Idle’s character in National Lampoon's European Vacation.  He would get injured and be so cordial about it and wave it off as nothing more than a mere inconvenience
    • really sweet and neat ending that furthers the story.

    Geek and SF references in this episode

    1. Tron poster
    2. The false belief that a gamming habit might repulse a female.
    3. Robert Picardo

    Get you copy from: Chuck

    Chuck - The Complete First Season

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    Episode Review: Chuck 213 Chuck Versus the Suburbs

    Review of:  Chuck:  Chuck Versus the Suburbs  Chuck Overall Rating: 9

    Chuck, Sarah and Casey go undercover in suburbia and find that the neighbors are plotting much more than the next block party.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

    This was a hilarious and creepy episode.  I loved the use of all the suburbs stereotypes.  It was like watching a mashup of The 'Burbs and  The Stepford Wives.

    The music has always been really good on Chuck but in this episode they did a particularly smashing job.

    Spoiler Alert

    Tron (film)
    Image via Wikipedia

    The Tron poster a nice touch

    I love all of the subtle raunchy humor in this episode espically lines like “if the cougar gets a little harry you can always tap out” lol.

    How much fulcrum info do you think got downloaded into Chuck.  Does this mean that Chuck is the intersect for both sides?

    I love the answer that Chuck gave to his sister over his relationship with Sarah.  What a great way to say everything without saying anything.

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    Episode Review: Chuck 214 Chuck Versus the Best Friend

    Review of:  Chuck:  Chuck Versus the Best Friend  Chuck Overall Rating: 9

    Chuck's friendship with Morgan is tested when he's put on a high-level assignment to befriend Anna's new boyfriend.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

    I love the speech that Morgan gives on family.  This is a great example of progressive speculative fiction when he asks what makes someone family?

    Best fist fight inside a car.  I love how they keep finding fun ways to have fights.

    They also discuss what is a partnership?  What is a partnership built upon?  and the answer of trust.

    Spoiler Alert

    I really got a kick out of the real spy following the fake spy who are stalking Anna.

    I can’t help myself so at about 19 minutes into the show there is a part when Lester goes into a rant and worries that the future of the band could lead to him “being found by a maid after asphyxiating himself to death while making love to himself.”  I couldn’t help but to add “It could be worse he could get sucked into a Zelda game!”  If you do not get the joke check out The Legend of Neil, it’s hilarious.

    I love the touching twist at the end when Casey and Sarah are all choked up when they think Chuck died in the car.

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    Chuck Finds Father and it’s Scott Bakula?

    Scott Bakula is returning to TV as Chuck’s dad!  I’ve really love this show.  It’s like geek heaven, full of geek and speculative fiction references.  I’ve caught up on Hulu and now can’t wait for the next part of the season to start.  Bakula should appear in at least 3 episodes with his arc kicking off in April.

    "Chuck made a promise to his sister, Ellie [Sarah Lancaster], that he was going to find their dad in time for her wedding," Schwartz explains. "And it's something that Chuck becomes consumed with pursuing during the second half of the season.

    "But when he finds him, he's not necessarily a guy who wants to be found," Schwartz continues. "He's living in a trailer, he's disheveled, he's paranoid and he's claiming constantly that Ted Roark [Chevy Chase] -- who he used to work with -- stole all his ideas from him. And Ted Roark has now become this super-successful software billionaire, and Chuck's dad has become an eccentric, living in the shadows."

    Did they just say that Chevy Chase will also make an appearance?  That would rock even more!

    Watch Chuck Streaming Online Here.

    This clip is a great sample of the show Chuck.

    (via EW)