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Meet The Bounty Hunters

Star Wars Clone Wars season two is the Rise of the Bounty Hunters so who can we look forward to meet.  The trailer below gives us a look at some.

Featured in the trailer.

Cad Bane


We met him at the end of season two.  After the death of Jango Fett, Bane became the most feared hunter.  He will be the main bounty hunter in this season.

Aurra Singaurra-sing

My personal favorite and in my book was always the most deadly bounty hunter out there.  This is due in part to her Jedi training in use of the force, her training as an Anzati assassin and partially because of her heritage.

Cato Parasitti

Cato-parasittiA shape-changing lethal assassin willing to work for anyone who could afford her astronomical fee.


We know him best from his appearance in Empire Strikes Back.  A Trandoshan which is probably all needed to be known since the species are best known as pirates, slavers, and bounty hunters.  Bossk is well known for his love of hunting Wookies.

Others I hope to see:


DurgeWe get to see him in action on the animated clone wars shorts.  He is particularly formidable as a bounty hunter due to his Gen'Dai heritage and enhanced battle armor.  He has a fondness for hunting Mandalorians and was disappointed to have to settle with Jango Fetts clones.  Though that did not stop him from killing many clones.  I hope he makes an appearance in this season.

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