What Costume Will You Wear For Halloween?

Neo With Halloween fast approaching are you still looking for that knock out costume?  Rotten Tomatoes would like to help.  They put together a great costume guide on 16 different movie characters.  Each character or set of characters is set on their own page but they put a nice thumbnail navigation at the bottom of each page making this a pleasant experience.  The 16 characters to choose from are Jay & Silent Bob, Indiana Jones, Juno MacGuff, The Fox, Carrie, John Rambo, Marty Mcfly, Zohan, Nurse Joker, Neo, The Dude, Goo Yubari & the Crazy 88, Margot, & Richie Tenenbaum, The Grady Twins, and Toshio and Kayako. The guides are great and include a nice picture of the character, a huge plus when trying to get the costume right.  A list of things that you will need for the costume which is a helpful reference.  For instance if you want to dress up like Jay you would need long blonde hair.  A list of movies they appear in so if you really want to get into the character you can watch them in action and pick up their nuances taking that cosplay to the next level.  They also include a classic line which can be used to better act out the character, a nice feature but too short for best cosplay.  For instance on the Jay and Silent Bob page they include the line “Snoochie Boochies” a classic Jay line but for Bob they should have included Bob’s classic line which would be “______ *shrug*.”


Now all I have to do is decide which one to go as

Remembering Rozz

Maybe it is because October is coming, or maybe it is because of the new Christian Death 1334, or maybe it is the lonely ache in me missing my many lost friends, but lately, I cannot stop listening to Rozz Williams.

He has been gone for so long now, but his sweet sarcastic voice carries me away to safe place where it is safe to be a freak. I will never forget that day: April 1, 1998. I went online, and I saw the news that Rozz had been found hanging in his apartment. The sweetest voice of gothic music was lost to the world. We help a candle light vigil in our apartment, and prayed that this Dark Seraph would find the rest he so deserved.

The world lost a great poet that day, but thankfully his music lives on.

I find myself thinking about naming a character after Rozz in the novel I am working on, but I am not certain I could write a character worthy of his name. So I will sit here, listening to his sweet voice, and dreaming of that other world.

Even if he is not making music for us anymore, he is inspiring me and many others to stretch ourselves as his muse whispers dark words into our ears.

I miss you Rozz. I wish I could have gotten to know you.