DVD Releases: April 21st, 2009

Out this week we have 2 DVD to feature: Wolverine and the X-Men: Heroes Return Trilogy, Battlestar Galactica: Caprica

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IDIC: Knight Rider & Sanctuary, where's the diversity?

Idic I stirred up a bit of controversy at this years GLBT panel (listen here) when I mentioned that I didn't think we could get a show like Torchwood made in the United States by a major studio or network.

I stand by what I said. The America media is way behind the curve when it comes to any form of minority representation in the lead and leading roles on Television and in the Movies. There are still no Asian leads unless the film involves martial arts or unless they are the villain. African-American and GLBT characters are still relegated to the realm of the sidekick, supporting role, villain, or the character the character will fall in love with only to have them die.

A show like Torchwood features a prominent Bisexual lead character, and it is hard to point to a character that is not Bi. While the American studios have dabbled with GLBT characters, they are normally relegated to secondary roles.

Nup 114576 0090The new Knight Rider is a good example of what I am saying.

Knight Rider's executive producer Gary Scott Thompson indicated that the show's bisexual female character might not be as bisexual in the series as she was in the TV movie (After Elton).

Oh, she was bisexual... Stupid me, I thought she was a lesbian. Whatever she was, it looks like we are not going to see much of her with a love interest that is not a man.

Well, they are at least offering a substitute:

Malinda Lo:: So do you think that other characters might be gay?

Gary Scott Thompson: Well, we talked about KITT (After Elton).

What? Well we can only hope that KITT will have the same sense of humor that 790 had. That is a fair trade right? (sigh) Alas, that is usually how these things go.

What about Caprica or Santuary? Nope.

So what can we do?

With NBC:

  • Use there feedback system: Our only hope here is volume. Hopefully we can get enough people into the system to show them our numbers.
  • Send them a letter:


100 Universal City Plaza

Universal City, CA 91608

With the Scifi Channel:

  • email them:
  • call them: 212-664-3571
  • BTW they are an NBC Universal company, so the above address is good too.

NBC and Scifi Channel have taken down there links on how to pitch ideas to them, or I would give them too.

I will be posting more on this topic. I agree with all of you that it is important. We have to make our voices heard. We are the market they are trying to sell to. Together we can make them change.