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Manga Review: Kamui by Shingo Nanami

KAMUI by Broccoli Books is a manga that I found a bit more interesting than the last one I read, Until The Full Moon. This manga has an edgy, tech infested, post apocalypse feel.

The world has been destroyed by a technology overload and resulting earthquakes. Humans cower in the face of robots, their only saviors being the NOA, an organization of scientifically enhanced twenty-somethings.

Atsuma is an unknown who allows himself to be recruited by the NOA in order to gain knowledge about an ancient being who may be able to help the humans regain earth control.  Atsuma has an orb that talks inside him. As a reader, it's not clear who or what it is, but it seems to be helping his mission.

In a sexy, gamer-style, this manga has a lot to offer video game enthusiasts and those interested in post-apocalyptic life.

The storyline, though intriguing, didn't really get anywhere in this first book. I'm not sure it's inspired me to buy any other volumes. The art was pretty good and the read wasn't bad. Unfortunately, Broccoli Books don't ever seem to wow me, which is probably why they ceased operations in December 2008.

If you'd like to learn more about Kamui, you can check out the volumes on