bob marley no woman no cry

Mashup-Germany - Imagine One Day (So Far Away)

Ok, it's not that hard to make me cry, but I watched this song make a lot of people go misty-eyed.  Mash-up Germany's masterpiece Imagine One Day (So Far Away) blends  Matisyahu, John Lennon, Blink 182, Gentleman, and Bob Marley, and yes they found a way to even make the Blink 182 song good.

Matisyahu – One Day (Acapella) + Matisyahu feat. Akon – One Day (Instrumental) + John Lennon – Imagine (Acapella) + Blink 182 – All the Small Things (Acapella) + Bob Marley – No Woman, No Cry (Acapella) + Gentleman – Dem Gone (Live at Cologne) = Amazing

Give it a listen, and tell me what you think.

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