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Enemy of the State: Goth

gothicrock According to The Moscow Times, the Russian government is in the process of drafting a law to make emo and goth music illegal (

Um. ok, where in the world do I begin?

The "Government Strategy In The Sphere Of Spiritual And Ethical Education" bill in Russia classifies Emo and Goth music as "negative youth movements."  Okay, that is sort of true, but music movements is about catharsis (with the exception of emo) and a sense of community.  Most young people who get involved in these movements are in need of a venue to release the negative emotions and angst that plagues most of us though out our teen years.  If you make this sort of cathartic expression illegal, then there is a chance that the depression rates will rise as will the suicide rate.

Secondly, why is any government concerned about their citizens souls?  This is the domain of religions, not states.  and how did atheistic former Soviet state become interested in codifying in law the religious ideals of their people?

Finally, who are they going to define Emo or Goth?  These are not the easiest genres to define.  Um. and I hate to bring this up, what about death rock, shock-a-billy, black metal, and death metal?  This law seems like a good way to enforce the musical taste of the ruling elite, rather than a way to protect the children.