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My Electoral Map

electoralmap Every 4 years since 1992, I have gotten myself a state map and colored in the states as the results come in.  This year, I printed a map from, grabbed a pen and a high lighter, and enjoyed the night.

Mike asked me to share it, and here it is.  I was waiting for the North Carolina results to come in before I posted it, but it might be quite some time before they come in.  Call me a civics geek, but I love this stuff.

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Yes We Can

Paint the White House Balck- George Clinton

It all starts now.  With Obama as President, and increased control of the House and the Senate by the Dems, this is the time to act, but they can only get us so far.

This was a major victory in the Culture Wars, but there is still a lot to do.  We have to reclaim soul of America from those who would divide rather than unite, debase humanity rather than celebrate it, and those who embrace hate and reject love.

In many ways, we have been granted a cosmic do-over.  The people are activated, and starting to believe that anything is possible again.  This optimism is what makes us our best.

Cynicism and calculated posturing have been embraced by our culture, and we need to take this as our opportunity to stand up against the darkness and reclaim the positive forward thinking that make us great.

Everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, class, gender, or orientation is made equal and capable of doing the things they set their minds to.  We lost this idea, as a nation and as a  world.  You can see it clearly in our popular entertainment.

We need to harness this moment, and look to the future.

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I Voted!

normalcolor Nothing feels better than voting.  There are few things a person can do to exercise their free will in a way that could change the country they live in. jaynixon I was happy to see there were no problems at our local polls.  The lady did take a little extra time to inspect my ID, but I was quickly in and out of the polling station with no trouble.  Well, only one petty one.  They were out of “I Voted” stickers.

By the time we left the polls, 580 people had already voted at our local polls.  Only 430 total voted in the last presidential election.  Sounds like it is going to be a record turn out after all.  I will be watching the elections closely tonight.

Teach Children, but Don't give them dreams

Barak Obama has an interesting plan to fund his education plan:

To pay for his education program, Obama would eliminate tax-deductibility of CEO pay by corporations and delay NASA's program to return to the moon and then journey to Mars (USATODAY).

This is not the first, and I know it will not be the last time I see a politician who wants to cut NASA funding to pay for some program. NASA is an easy target, because very few people know about the technological benefits we have all received from NASA's exploration of space. The other thing that these politicians never seem to understand, that cutting funding to NASA to pay for Science and Math education may sound interesting in theory.

"We're not going to have the engineers and the scientists to continue space exploration if we don't have kids who are able to read, write and compute," Obama said (USATODAY).

Without a space program to inspire them, what will fire the kids imagination to make them want to become engineers and scientists? Children need heroes to look up to, to motivate them and inspire them for greatness. In fact, the nation needs something to inspire us all to greatness.

Now is the time when I would usually list all of the benefits of Space Exploration, but I think there is only one real point that has to made against this proposal. If we get rid of the science jobs, what is a child to think about their future if they decide to go into science? People cannot aspire to join in a field of study that they cannot see a future in.

Give the children a hero, and they will become great.