bad wolf

Stay with me, a Bad Wolf Fantasy. Love fights forever.

Who doesn't need a song of unrequited love in their life.  This song has a power and heart that reverberates through me.

Bad Wolf is one of those rare bands that speaks to my heart in a way few ever have.  They are raising money right now to go into the studio to record a new EP, and I would love you to help them.

I donated the second I found out about the campaign, and I hope you will too.  If you don't have the money to give, then at least spread the word.  Great music and art needs our support.  Donate here in you can.

Welcome to a Better World powered by Bad Wolf and Traci Hines

It is not as easy as it used to be to get me into new bad.  So many sound a like, but when I discovered Bad Wolf in 2012, my ears perked up.

You all know me, I love strong female vocalist, but there is something very special about this band.  Their music is filled with longing and power; sweetness, light, and shadows. 

Right now, they need our help.  They want to go into the studio and record a new EP, but studio time is not cheap.  They have set up an Indigogo campaign (here). 

Please give them your support.  Either donate or share the campaign.