The Avengers Program Who Will Make The Cut

Get your copy of The Avengers animated movie here The rumblings of a special team being put together has received some new light recently.  With mixed results from the super soldier program Marvel sheds some more light on their Avenger project.  They really proved their capabilities to handle this project with Iron Man and The Hulk.  So now we are left wondering who will be in the avenger movie? The lineup has changed some as they are working on the individual film but Favreau tells us that "The ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man."

He left out Nick Fury, I hope it is only a slip up because Samuel Jackson was awesome as Nick Fury in the cut scene after the credits in Iron Man.  He didn't get to show up in Hulk other than in name.  Then again I don't expect him to have his own movie but I hope to see him have some cameo roles in the future films.

Iron Man was in theaters in May

Hulk just came out in theaters

Thor is scheduled for June 4 2010

Ant-Man doesn't have a time set yet for the film but he could be placed into the Iron Man 2 film scheduled for April 30 2010.

The First Avenger: Captain America: May 6 2011

It's all still a ways off so we will have to see what changes between now and then.  One of my concerns is how much will the Avengers movie cost if they have a full cast of headlining actors & actresses?  This could be the limiting factor on any Avenger movie where they will have to do something either getting them to share more of the cut of the film or to have a smaller number of superheros in any given film.  I found it interesting when Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios' president of production, put forth the idea of "heroes can cross into each other's adventures and occasionally team up if there's a foe too great for any one of them to handle."  This could be a way to have Avengers films with out having to have more then a few headliners in any one film and to maintain a sense of setting consistency.

I applaud Marvel Studios for taking on such a large project in a fan friendly manner and for not trying to cut corners.  I do not envy them for having to make some very hard choices regarding how to fit in a ton of superheros into an avenger film which is what I would love to see yet staying within budget for talent costs and to have enough money left over to make sure that the effects look great.  Good luck, and God speed, I eagerly await the next project.

(via USA today)