angel's coffin

Manga Review: Angel's Coffin by You Higuri

Angel's Coffin is a one volume tale about Seto, a deity trapped in a book by the demon Baphomet. When Marie, an 1889 socialite, releases him, he thinks killing her to break the demon’s curse should be a snap. But he falls in love with her and can’t do what he must. Marie’s mother is only interested in marrying her off well to increase their social status. It helps that Marie is in love with Prince Rudolf of Austria. Because Seto promises to help Marie find her heart’s desire, he has to watch as Marie meets Rudolf and they fall in love. Unfortunately, Prince Rudolf has dealings that may mean the end to them both. Seto might be able to stop their demise, if only he can get away from Baphomet’s Curse.

Marie’s sickeningly sweet dreams of love might drive you away, but the pretty boys in this one might bring you back. The art is fantastic and the clothes in this volume are gorgeous and detailed. However, I found the chibi portions silly and “Cathy” cartoon-like. The representation of the demon Baphomet as an eyeball with bat wings is rather awesome.

Extras in the back of this book are:

  • A side story about the Prince’s manservant and how he loves the Prince.
  • A letter from the author.

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