The Glee of Knowing Thy Self

We held a Glee party to celebrate their return with the episode Hell-O.  What an excellent episode to return with.  Glee is a great show with overall themes of the underdog story and follow your bliss.  I give Hell-o a 9 out of 10.  For the audio review check out Fandom Today #451 “Who Will Help The Sane”.

Exploring Glee episode 14 Hell-O

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Saying Hello

In Hell-O we get back into the show with a wonderful meta moment.  The students get an assignment from  Mr. Schuester to say hello but in a different way while the entire episode is a way of saying hello to the audience in a way different from how it is typically done.

Know Thy Self

This reoccurring theme and obstacle moves to the fore front.  Part of being able to follow ones bliss is knowing who you are, what really makes you happy, and what do you stand for.  Knowing this helps gives strength and direction when life gets confusing.

Many of the characters had to go through this in realizing their love of music and singing, being able to stand up and say glee makes me happy and is more important than popularity in school.

Hell-O points out that though one may have a self-realization moment it is not the end of the journey but merely an accomplishment along the way.  The celebration gets cold slushy in the face which was supposed to wake them up.  Finn, Will and Rachel in particular must discover who they are or face more problems beyond those already brought up in this episode.

Sneaky Bandies

One of my favorite scenes in Hell-O took place in the sheet music store two people were playing the piano and singing.  Then out of the blue there were others chiming in with additional instruments.  When this happened I cried out “Sneaky Bandies!”  We all laughed.

I could not count all the moments when that very scene happened in real life.  I have known many bandies over the years and they have an ability to sense music moments.  Drawn toward them they are able to produce the instruments out of thin air and join in.

Eric knew a guy in high school who would go to the local mall sit down at the piano in the music shop and start playing.  Bandies would pop out of the wood work with instruments in hand and join in.  I even witnessed this one day while walking through the mall and found some of the friends in my company had vanished only to be found playing along in the sheet music store.

Hell-O Music

  • "Hello" by Lionel Richie
  • "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors:  Finn did an amazing cover.  Morrison’s version of this song is dripping with sarcasm and sex where as Finn’s version is introspective and dripping with disdain.  The disdain in his voice gives a fresh twist and becomes a very introspective moment into Finns thinking and character.
  • "Gives You Hell" by All American Rejects:  Rachel’s version of the song got me to like it. Watch the Video below.
  • "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC  really well done I was pleasantly surprised
  • "Hello Again" by Neil Diamond and
  • "Hello, Goodbye" by The Beatles.

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SF News Bites: Glee, Merlin, Iron Man 2 and Stone Age Medicine


Season two brings us hope and promise for Kurt to find a new boyfriend.  I'm excited over this prospect because Glee has a track record of being very respectful in their portrayal of minorities.  In addition to that they have done such a great job in representing Kurt as a gay character especially in the episode when he comes out to his friends and family.  (via 365gay)


Merlin Season two will be aired in the US on SyFy starting April 2. (via Whedonesque)

Iron Man 2

For those chomping at the bit to see anything out for Iron Man2 there is a gallery of pictures via Filmonic.  They are stills of the main images represented in the trailer Iron Man 2 Official Trailer and video.

AD/DC has a new album due to release April 19th called AC/DC: Iron Man 2.  It's a collection of their songs to be featured in Iron Man 2.  Preorder your copy here: Iron Man 2 (Deluxe CD/ DVD Package). They have also posted a video of "Shoot To Thrill."  (via AC/DC)

Stone Age Medicine

Bit of Odd news, stone age medicine more advanced than thought.  Evidence found to show amputation performed in sterile conditions (via Unexplained Mysteries)