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Abney Park's New Album: Aether Shanties

Abney Park have announced a new album to be released the summer of 2009.


The 12 track of the album will be:

  1. Under the Radar
  2. Wanderlust
  3. Building Steam
  4. Until The Day I Die
  5. My Life
  6. The Derelict
  7. Throw Them Overboard
  8. Victoria
  9. Aether Shanty
  10. The Clock Yard
  11. Everything That Came Before Is Ending
  12. To Far To Turn Back

I can't wait to hear it!

(via Captain Robert)

Captain Robert and Public displays of Affection

Captain Robert from Abney Park is a little defensive in his latest post about disruptive behavior during rehearsal.  His language is a little gruff:

A little Whiskey or a little rum…okay, A LOT if Whiskey…and they are all over each other. In front of the rest of the band, in front of fans, in front of my kids.

It started as ass grabbing, arms around each others shoulder, dancing, pretending it was a joke…but as the months went on it turned into more. Mooney eyes, pretend kisses leading into real kisses, leading into full on tongue swapping! IN THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING SONGS! And the worst thing is, when they do it, their guitars rub together, and that messes up there playing, and then we got to start the songs all over again (Captain Robert)!

I don't know Robert personally, though I wish I did.  It would be easier to wrap my head around this.

Some people don't like public displays of affection

I know many of these people, and in fact I have been married to one for 12 years.

I am a little concerned that Robert could be labeled as homophobic for his rant.  Honestly, it doesn't take much these days to earn the label.  I have even been accused of Homophobia, and I am gay!

My impression of Robert

From reading his blog, listening to his music, and watching his videos, I tend to believe Robert is a dedicated and passionate about the future of Abney Park, and anything he sees as a threat to that would engender his rage.

His band mates not focusing on rehearsal is just the sort of thing I can see him flying off the handle about.

Leave the children out of it

I wish Robert would have left his children out of this.

I have mixed feelings about the effect on children of seeing grown people making out, but invoking the kids doesn't help his argument.

Personally, I would rather my kids (if I had any) see a public display of affection than to see me (I don't know if Robert was drinking or not) and my friends imbibing copious amounts of whiskey and rum.  I wish the kids had not been mentioned.

The other sides of the story

I really wish we had the other side of the story.  The nature of Robert's actions will be under a cloud of suspicion until we know the opinions of the other people in the room.

I hope Robert is right that this is not homophobia, but honestly, we cannot know one way or the other until we hear from the others.

Captain Robert - Abney Park, and Rasputina In San Franscico?

The Universe keeps hinting that I should move back to San Francisco:

Jan 23rd - 25th

The Edwardian Ball

(the San Fran One) will feature:

Abney Park, Rasputina, Jill Tracy, The Ghosts Project, Kinentic Steam Works, Dark Garden, City Circus, Vima Dance, Rosin Coven, Vau De Vire Society, Cirque Berzerk, Miz Margo, Delachaux, Agent Ribbons, Fou Fou Ha, and a millioin billion other acts that are too small on this flyier for me to read!

Abney Park will be playing Friday Night with Rasputina.

If you are in the area, and get to see the show, send me a review.  It sounds like a great show!

(via Captain Robert)

Abney Park’s Christmas Album

Abney Park have released a Christmas Album.  I will probably get a copy, but Robert didn't do the best job selling it.

Years ago, as a joke…and with too much rum in our Egg Nog…me and Kristina wrote a Christmas album. Not a “Good” Christmas album (I think we only spent a couple evenings on this) but here it is ( Abney Park MySpace Blog).

On second thought I have to know how Abney Park does Christmas when they are drunk on eggnog.  I must own this.

Primer: Steampunk

AbneyparkgroupSteampunk is a subgenre of Speculative Fiction with Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror manifestations. I am going to go out on a limb and define steampunk using the rubric established in Science Fiction. A story fits into the steampunk genre if the steam powered technology is integral to the plot. In other words, if the plot would have to be changed from the story to use anything other than steam as the basis of technology, then it is steampunk.

Steam, clockwork, and differential engines are often used to replicate modern technology. Robots are replaced with automata, and airships fill the skies.

Steampunk, like all of the -punk genres, approaches its characters and setting with an irreverent attitude, adapting the punk style and sensibility into the story.

Introductions & FAQs


Books, Movies, and Games


Desktops & Icons




English posts that contain Steampunk per day for the last 30 days.

Technorati Chart

What did I miss?  Is there anything that should or shouldn't be on the list?  Let me know in the comments.  Let's make this the best on stop shop for steampunk.

Captain Robert's Rage is My Own

922895 I feel Robert's pain. There is something wrong with our culture when nudity and certain randomly chosen words are banned from the world of controlled, or it they often call themselves polite society, but violence and actual death are not. While running around on YouTube, he found a video of a guy actually getting killed... this video has no warning, no flag...

As someone who writes action adventure fiction and who enjoys wuxia pien and anime, I am not for the banning of violent works, but we need to reexamine our priorities.

What us worse, for a person to hear a world we imagine offence from, they see a person naked, or they watch a person get killed? Especially, when that violent death is real? Which is better and which is worse?

(agreeing with Captain Robert - You know, FUCK YouTube )

Lost Horizons Pre-order!

Abney Park have open presales for their upcoming album Lost Horizons which will be released on March 1st. Lost Horizons The Continuing Adventures of Abney Park released 2008

1. Airship Pirate 2. The Emperor’s Wives 3. Sleep Isabella 4. She 5. The Secret Life of Dr Calgori 6. This Dark and Twisty Road 7. Herr Drosselmyers Doll 8. Virus 9. I am Stretched On Your Grave 10. Post Apocolaspe Punk

The previews are amazing, I am going to grab my copy, you might want to do the same (here).