Zachary Quinto

New Kirk/Spock Posters

Kirk_CharacterPoster_72DPI Spock_CharacterPoster_72DPI The first two theatrical release teaser posters for Star Trek are out.  I added the text at the bottom of the thumbs, just click through to see the high quality originals.

I am not sure why they are in black and white, or why Kirk looks evil.  Maybe they are making to the new Kirk more like William Shatner than the character he played.  Just kidding, but I do think it’s a little strange.  Maybe he’s just angry because Spock is suppose to steal the show again.  I am starting to get used to Quinto as Spock.

P:SI # 19 - "But I can get you some Bunnies!"

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  • Use MashUps to Make Your Star Wars Fan Movie (via Star Wars)
  • Fake robot walker is fun (via Boing Boing)
  • Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers (via Popsucker)


  • ROB ZOMBIE Donates Signed Fender Stratocaster To Southern California Wildfire Relief Auction (via Brave Worlds)
  • BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Cablevision Special To Begin Airing Next Monday (via Brave Worlds)
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  • Abney Park makes Capitol Records really insecure (via Robert's Blog)


  • Wii virtual console releases for this week (via Crave)
    • Volleyball (1987, NES, 500 Wii points)
    • Axelay (1992, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii points)
    • Blue's Journey (1991, NeoGeo, 900 Wii points)


  • Secret Project X, going in Deep, Coming Soon


  • The Big Bang Theory - The Grasshopper Experiment added to Joost (via Joost)



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