What Would a Sakaguchi Wii Game Look Like?

via Wikipedia I love the Final Fantasy series and mourned with many fans when Hironobu Sakaguchi had to leave the series behind but was overjoyed to see that he would keep making wonderful and fun games.

"I think the Wii is a wonderful system.  It's very unique, starting with its iconic controllers.  We have no plans at the moment, but I would love to make a Wii game in the future." -Sakaguchi

Then my mind was blown when reading these words and asking “What would a Sakaguchi Wii Game Look Like?”

Sakaguchi’s games already immerse me in their immaculate reality bringing both excitement and intellectual satisfaction to my playing experience.  Hopefully he does take up the charge to create a game for the Wii so that I add to the experience and interactive depth too, wow that would rock!

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Wii Want Doctor Who In Near Real Time

BBC iplayerI I came across some exciting news late last night! Brace yourself... ready... Doctor Who and other BBC iPlayer shows are now available through the Nintendo Wii!

Now for the sad news... I got so excited that I didn't even pause to let my skeptic side speak out before I scooped up the Wiimote and loaded up the browser. I went to bbc.co.uk/iplayer and became even more giddy to see the page load on the TV. Scrolling around for a brief moment I took in the beauty of technology and clicked swiftly on the first episode of Doctor Who: Partners in Crime. The player loaded and then the dreaded message "Sorry, this programme is only available to play in the UK." Yes, I forgot or maybe had hopes that there was some glorious loophole which didn't require deliberate circumventing of systems to allow me, living in the U. S. to watch Doctor Who in near real time.

But hope remains eternal... Since I was already on the page and desperate to click on something, probably a conditioned response form having a game controller in my hand, I moved on to the "why" link. Latching on to the second line I perked up reading that BBC world wide is working on an international version!

So I wait patiently and hope that soon they can iron out the requirements and allow international access.

(Link via Times Online)

Wii Pay To Play??

wifi_logo At GDC, Nintendo announced that free online game play would become spotty as they roll out a new hybrid model: Some free, others (the ones you really want to play online) you will have to pay to play per game.

Such titles will have a red icon on the game box instead of the blue Wi-Fi circle that indicates free online playing. So instead of paying an annual fee like Xbox LIVE that covers all online gaming, gamers will only pay for the games they want to play online. This has the potential to be needlessly confusing (via GayGamer.net).

Here is the first major mistake by Nintendo that will allow others to steal their market and prevent them from being the console that they really should be. I hope this plan is not as confusing as it sounds.

Holy Terror, Batman!

C.E. Dorsett I can't believe it took so long:

In Holy Terror, Batman!, a new graphic novel by the Batman writer Frank Miller, the Caped Crusader will take on al-Qa'eda when his home town, Gotham City, which is based on New York, is attacked by terrorists (Telegraph).

This is a return to the World War II model of having our superheroes fight our real life enemies. Having the genius behind “The Dark Knight Returns“ write this book is a smart move, and it will help focus attention back on our real enemies. At least in WWII we didn't get bogged down in a ware in South America. For the moment, I am excited about this...