Punisher: War Zone Review

punisherwarzoneposter.jpgReview of:  Punisher: War Zone Overall Rating:  4   "ALP (Avoid Like Plague): You'd tell your friend to get the hell out if they brought it over and insisted on watching it."

Punisher or Punishment? After spending a long time stewing over Punisher: War Zone. I realized that I both loved and hated the movie for what it was supposed to be, and what it could have been.

As it was presented, Punisher was an insipid boom fest that fell below even the standards of other boom fests such as the video game to movie rendition of Hitman.  To add insult to injury the director stripped 10 minutes of footage that actually had plot in it to make Punisher more of a boom fest and falling short of both.

The entire aim of Punisher: War Zone was to show that Frank Castle still had a human side to him.  In order to sell the movie to the masses they left that idea on the cutting room floor and put out an example of bad speculative fiction.


  • The actions scenes were well executed.
  • The flow of the movie went smoothly, although some parts of the time line are condensed.
  • A small edifying moment when it shows that good can and must persevere the monstrosities of the world to come out on top.
  • Not a reboot as was stated in early reports about the movie. It was more of a rewrite of his past.


  • The director set out to make a martial arts boom boom, rather than a good piece of speculative fiction.
  • Dialogue between main villains seems like the work of a cheap porn script writer.
  • Only a remnant of the plot was left in, detracting from the martial arts boom boom; but not satisfying the need for an actual plot.
  • Characters are confused about when in the Punisher time line they exist. Depending on what statement you take from the movie they are either 4 or 6 years down the line after the murder of Castle's family.
  • Not a true sequel as I had hoped when I discovered it wasn't actually a reboot.

With all aspects that I can see taken into consideration, feeling that it would leave both people who love a good plot and a good martial arts boom boom disatisfied I give Punisher: War Zone a 4 out of 10. It goes on my do not watch list.

Not Another Reboot Movie Punishment

In recent years we've seen franchise reboot after franchise reboot. The Hulk, Batman, Star Trek, The Punisher just to name a few. And now we have yet another reboot of...The Punisher? In word handed down via interview for iFMagazine with director Lexi Alexander, the movie is

More of a reboot like THE INCREDIBLE HULK, than a direct sequel to the 2004 reboot that starred Thomas Jane, PUNISHER: WAR ZONE stars Ray Stevenson (ROME) as Frank Castle, a one-man avenging force out to take down all organized crime in retribution for the death of his family many years ago.

Now I have nothing nothing against reboots if they are properly done, but it seems Hollywood has gotten lazy. It was only four years ago that the last reboot of The Punisher franchise was done, and I loved it. Now they're doing it again and saying they'll do the same story even better. No longer are they willing to spend the money for original ideas they are settling for rebooting reboots. We need fresh ideas, fresh creative works, new blood. This trend is unacceptable. Make Hollywood take notice, that we are a force to be reckoned with and will not be placated with the same stories over and over and over again. If you see a fan film support it, if you like an indie film buy it, if they have merchandise wear it.

Harry Potter Changes Must Happen

Change is bound to happen since the books are so long and full of detail that would not all fit into a several hour film. The real question is will the change be in size or will it also be in substance. There is a story device called suspense, aka fear of the unknown or as put in Wikipedia "it consists of having some real danger looming and a ray of hope". This is a powerful experience since it plays in our mind, off our expectations of danger and is felt internally. 515PAWDZTEL._SL210_

The last two Harry Potter books use suspense masterfully. Rowling builds a tremendous amount of suspense surrounding when and where a death eater will attack. She also builds suspense over who and how those attacks will manifest. It is that suspense and mystery that is a major driving force behind the story that drove me feverishly forward through many, many pages. It is that same suspense that is under threat in the upcoming film.

I have been quite disappointed with our modern batch of movie directors, except for M Night Shyamalan, who seem to be absolutely stupid in regards to the art of using suspense. Many films, with their producers and directors at the helm, have taken the easy way out and have replaced suspense with razzle dazzle graphics or the overly grotesque by showing details to the viewers. It appears that producer David Baron has also given into the dark side as well.

In a recent interview with the “Herald Sun,” “Harry Potter” producer David Baron revealed details of an extra scene to be inserted into “Half-Blood Prince,

[spoiler alert, although very vague]

The extra scene is rumored to be an attack by the Death Eaters. This would normally not be an issue since even those who have not read the books could guess that those attacks would increase but in this case the location of the attack and circumstances would destroy a powerful suspense element that is also used in the final book as a very powerful, shocking, scene. If they put in this scene they would be removing a very powerful story element and experience.

[spoiler alert over]

I find it hard to believe that Rowling would allow this to happen so does it mean that she has come up with an even more brilliant way to build that suspense and surprise for the last two films. Only time will tell...

(via MTV Movies Blog)

Men's Steampunk Corset

Forge Fashion over at Steam Fashion designed this Men's Steampunk Corset that blew me out of the water. I am used to seeing all manner of unique Steam Fashion for the ladies, but most of the men's ware is off the rack finds that have been mixed in such a why that they look kind of Steam or at the very least Victorian/Edwardian. I wish more designers and costumers designed more fantastical clothing for the men and boys in the audience that want to look better than great. Share the love, people. Men deserve to have nice things too.

Project:Shadow 2007 December Newsletter

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***Eric received a great write up for his novel Legends of the Jade Moon Book One: Liquid Sky here is an excerpt for your enjoyment.

Downwarden com Review by Nick Crabowsky

...What we have here is indeed science fiction ala Dune, though less detailed but just as vividly portrayed. Dorsett deserves praise for the execution of a story less intimidating for one more inclined to read other genres which require far less brain power to understand, breaks through those barriers and develops a narrative which renders a glossary needless and pretty much explains itself as is without asserting its vast mythology in explanatory rhetoric.

I enjoyed the damn thing. I think C.E. Dorsett is one powerhouse of imagination, inspired obviously by the greats of his craft. Liquid Sky is full of mysticism and spirituality, of themes centered on the search for one’s inner self and the meaning of the universe around him, where a youthful monk with adopted parents finds himself catapulted into an interstellar journey fueled by the death of the one he called Father and driven at odds by the results of saving him, by mysterious truth-sayers who aren’t what they seem and personal intuition telling him he’s destined to amount to something greater than himself and the savior of worlds. Ianus’ adventures and intrigue are entertaining and don’t smother us in the sort of over-explanation I’d read in other novels like this one. Liquid Sky is an extremely intelligent, very readable and delightful piece of work, and I’m glad to recommend it...



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Wow! This is a great story!   5 stars (must own)

The story picks up from where we left off with Adir Radd in the hospital tortured by his visions of the future. I was caught up in Adir’s haunting vision.  It is written so viscerally I could almost hear the screams and smell the stink coming off of the battle field. This heart felt tale took me through the events and choices that led Dov Lavan to become the famed villain I knew him to be from reading Liquid Sky: Legends of the Jade Moon http://astore.amazon.com/projectshadow/detail/0595369162/.  The choices and motivations of Dov were very compelling. Reading his tale turned him into a compassionate and sad character. I could empathize with his frustrations and found myself thinking that if I were caught up in the same situation I would probably make the same choices. The conclusion was extremely rewarding even though I knew how the story would end I still found myself shocked, surprised and brought to tears with a beautiful, rewarding ending. To be cliché for a minute I literally laughed, cringed and cried while reading this.

Dark Moon Rising is the second installment of C. E. Dorsett’s Fates Harrow series which covers three historical characters in the Barren’s End setting. Their tale was first told in the book Liquid Sky: Legends of the Jade Moon but from the Jade Moon’s perspective.

In this episode Dov Lavan fears loosing his friends and culture, longing to save the ones he cares about he takes on a new master who promises to help him lead his people into a safer future. Dov rises to power, forming a new group, encouraging others to join him and stand for freedom. But, his childhood friends Tien Shaa and Adir Radd are concerned with the fire in Dov’s rhetoric, so they set out to try and stop the coming war.

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