Reclaiming Blogging and Navel Gazing

“Reclaim Blogging”: Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook, I started thinking about my own experience with blogging and social media. 

I gave up "news" blogging a while back because it took more time then just tweeting the links or talking about the stories on one of our podcasts.  I feel like that was the right decision.  I think my time is better spent working on original fiction.  That at the very least makes me happier.

Then Google+ came on the scene, and I find myself posting over their a lot of the things I used to post on my personal blog.

Navel Gazing

A lot of bloggers are thinking about this stuff right now, and you all are probably tired of all the navel gazing, but it is an important topic.

Most of the bloggers and podcasters I know got into this field to have conversation.  We like to talk to you all and work together to figure out what we should and could do to solve various problems.  This is were social networks become a big part of the problem and the solution.

I write a post on dashPunk, and I get some comments.  I post a new episode of a podcast, and I get some email.  I post to Google+, and the comments flood in.  The temptation to post their is great, and I wonder if I should or shouldn't.

Social Blogging

I want to post on the social networks, but Hugh is right, it is too easy.  When I post to my blog, take time to fully form ideas and post something that says exactly what I want to say.  Often, on social networking sites, I post off the top of my head or what is on my heart at the moment.

Jeff Jarvis says that Twitter is for getting things off of your chest, and maybe that is what these networks are for.

Perhaps, I should post notions, and first thoughts on these networks, and more fully formed ideas on my blog.  That at least sounds like a plan.

What do you all think?  What is the balance and what do you what to see where?

Curation v Creation

From Entertainment Design

Steven Rosenbaum at Mashable wrote an interesting post claiming that curation is just as important as creation.  I have thought about this for a while, and I need your imput.

Defining our terms

  • Creation is the production of making original content.
  • Curation is coming through original content and promoting the best content to readers.

Is Curation important?

YES!  I read through thousands of stories a day, some from curation sites to find topics to share on dashPunk.  There is an enormous amount of content out there and some curation is important to filter through the noise so the average reader who doesn't have the time to read through the mountains to posts can still find information that is important to them.

For example.  Many Scifi blogs focus on rumors and hype, and frankly, that bores me more than Battle for LA.  I like to know what is going on, but the rumor cycle is crazy.  That is why we rarely write about rumors, and generally only post about rumors we hope are either true or false.

We also avoid posting most hype stories.  I am suffering from hype fatigue.  Yes, yes, your thing is the next greatest thing ever just like everyone else's is the next greatest thing ever.  The hype is almost always a lie. 

I feel like curation is one of the most important things I do, so in that, I agree.

What is the best form of Curation?

Some people claim it is Twitter.  I am not sure about that.  Until I started using Flipboard, most links in my twitter stream just flew by unchecked, and since I only check Twitter a couple times a day, many still do.

I think blogs are still the best place for curation, because I not only get the links, but I get analysis that I trust (or not, depending on the blog) and I find a lot more of the stories that interest me.

Maybe I am old fashioned by I like stories to sit unread until I go through them rather than floating by.

What do you want?

What are you looking for?  Original content, curation?  If curation, where do you want it, blogs, Twitter, FaceBook?

Community Issues

Community Management Twool
Image by 10ch via Flickr

I've talked for a while now on Fandom Today, about our dreams to build a community site for you all to talk to each other in the same way you talk to us via email, Twitter, and FaceBook.  For a long time we used Ning, but there new pricing model makes that impossible... (sigh)

For the last month we have been playing with BuddyPress with mixed results.  While it add most of the function you all have asked for, it does not allow us to set up a dedicated video upload section, and the Profile and Group Avatars are broken.  Over the last several days, BuddyPress has started causing random crashes on the site, so I disabled it until the next update.

We are thinking of adding VideoPress to the site for our vidders to continue adding videos to the site.

You all are what makes dashPunk worth the time, effort, and cost, so we want to make you as happy as we possibly can.

I am sorry for any inconvenience our recent issues have caused.  Let me know what features (or services) you would like us to have, and we will do our best to bring them to you as quickly as we can.

Passion = Life

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Project: Shadow Informant

I have been testing out Talkshoe lately as a means for reviving theProject: Shadow Informant, my regular podcast on what all is going on with me, my career, and with all the things I love. I have had some success with the client, and I think I will be continuing to use it. I will be on at about 7 cst Tuesday through Saturday. I will send out a twitter before I start, so if you want to get the not start following cedorsett on twitter if you have not already.

The daily show will be available through the Talkshoe rss, but I will be making a higher quality version available on the old Podshow feed.

I hope to see you all on Talkshoe!