Swan Knight

I sat down with all my notes about the Swan...

The Swan Knight Story

"I sat down with all my notes about the Swan Knight Story and looked them over. I have an interesting idea for a 4 part serial, but I needed to flesh out and get working on it.

The serial is named, the Mirror Man, for reasons that are hard to explain outside of the story. I'd hoped to outline the serial today, and maybe even write a chunk of the first part, but that was not in the cards.

Fleshing It Out

I wrote the outline of all 4 parts, and I kind of liked it.  This is not a good sign, it really need to be improved.  Something was missing, that spark of magic that made me feel like it was really something that I hadn't seen or written before, so I scrapped version 1 of the outline.

Seeing its flaw.  I think I have a fix.  Then my nemesis struck: how long it takes me to name new characters. I picked a name, Ian... yeah, a villain named Ian, well, it will be good for the outline at least.

I finished the new outline of part 1, and have a decent idea for part 3, but there really needs to be a bridge between them. The new intro could be used to smash the old part 1 and 2 together... I might do that.

The Feel

The story has taken on a nice Alice in Wonderland meets the Matrix feel, even though it doesn't share much in common with either. I want to extend that forward, and that texture was missing in the original outline, so I think I need to take some time to think about it."


I have been obsessed for a while with the...


"I have been obsessed for a while with the Knight of the Swan. I am not sure if there is a good way to use this as a source for a space opera story, but I am going to give it all the fight in me to try to work it out.

I came up with a story idea for the origin of my "Swan Knight" character, and I am working on it now, but I am wondering if naming the main character Swan after he looses his name is a cool homage or something just too silly for it to be taken seriously."