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SF News Bites: Akira Lives?, Stan Lee's Super Seven Series Online

Akira Lives?

Albert and Allen Hughes are finalizing a deal to direct the live-action Akira. So it's still in the works but I don't have hopes of seeing the movie any year soon. (via /Film)

Stan lee's Super Seven Series

Stan lee's Super Seven Series is a new project which will be distributed in print, online, on air, and retail channels. It’s nice to see more comics especially one of the big boys adding the simultaneous online distribution model to the mix.

The series will be about: Seven aliens who find themselves stranded on planet Earth after their spaceship crashes, only to be befriended by none other than Lee himself. Taking them under his care, Lee becomes their leader and enables them to resume their lives as superheroes on earth.

Stan Lee is excited because it’s "the first time that I’ll actually be a continuing character in a far-out, original superhero series.”

I enjoyed his cameo’s in the various marvel movies and think it would be fun to see him as a reoccurring character.

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Stan Lee 'to create worlds first gay superhero'?

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Wait, what?

Lee has reportedly created a character called Thom Creed, a high-school basketball player who is forced to hide his sexuality as well as his superpowers (Telegraph).

Okay... but the Telegraph is claiming that this would be the World's first gay superhero.

I suppose if you don't count:


  • Abbe (Vertigo)
  • Angel (Marvel)
  • Anole (Marvel)
  • Apollo and Midnighter (Wildstorm)
  • Argo Bones (DC)
  • Arnie (DC/ Vertigo)
  • Arnold Astrovik (Marvel)
  • Arnold Roth (Marvel)
  • Batwing (Marvel)
  • Bloke (Marvel)
  • Brass Taki and Wingo (DC)
  • Cannon and Saber (DC)
  • Captain Metropolis (DC)
  • Captain Stingaree (DC)
  • Cavalier (DC)
  • Chain (Homage)
  • Charles Mowbray (Vertigo)
  • Chemical King (DC)
  • Christopher Truelove (Wildstorm)
  • Cluracan (DC)
  • Colossus (Marvel)
  • Colt Varney (Marvel)
  • Damon Mathews (DC)
  • Destroyer and Union Jack II (Marvel)
  • Devlin Waugh (Fleetway)
  • Dueces Wild & Summer Ice (Eclipse)
  • Enigma (Vertigo)
  • Extrano (DC)
  • Fade (Milestone)
  • Flatman (Marvel)
  • Freedom Ring (Marvel)
  • Frenchie DuChamp (Marvel)
  • Gannon Malloy (DC)
  • Ghost Boy (Class Enterprises)
  • Go Go Fiasco (Vertigo)
  • Hayden (Marvel)
  • Hector (Marvel)
  • Henry Greider (Marvel)
  • Hero (DC)
  • Hooded Justice (DC)
  • Houston (DC)
  • Hulkling (Marvel)
  • Jet Man (ABC)
  • Jon Dazy (Class Enterprises)
  • Josiah Power (DC)
  • Lance Gardner (DC)
  • Living Lightning (Marvel)
  • Machinesmith (Marvel)
  • Manga Khan (DC)
  • Mitch Sekofsky (DC)
  • Monsieur Mallah and The Brain (DC)
  • Mr. Seduct (Marvel)
  • Ned Campbell (Marvel)
  • New Romantic (Wildstorm)
  • Nick Bearclaw (Vertigo)
  • Nick Poole (Oni Press)
  • Nigel Clowes (Marvel)
  • Noir (Wildstorm)
  • Northstar (Marvel)
  • Northstar (Ultimate) (Marvel)
  • Obsidian (DC)
  • Off-Ramp (DC)
  • Paulie and Douglas (Rabco)
  • Piper (DC)
  • Pride (Andy Mangels)
  • Ramsey Robinson (DC)
  • Rawhide Kid (Marvel)
  • Rick Stone (Milestone)
  • Robert Thaldron (Marvel)
  • Sebastian O (Vertigo)
  • Spectral (Malibu)
  • Tasmanian Devil (DC)
  • Terry Berg (DC)
  • The Answer II (Marvel)
  • The Crusader (Timely)
  • The Mink & Chippy (King Hell Press)
  • Tlaango (Marvel)
  • Tommy Jagger (DC)
  • Tony Mantegna (DC)
  • Toro (DC)
  • Turbo Charge (Malibu)
  • Tyler Lang and Jefferson Wolfe (Marvel)
  • Vivisector and Phat (Marvel)
  • Wallace Wells (Oni Press)
  • Walter Kasko and Samual Daly (DC)
  • Wiccan (Marvel)
  • Wing (Image/JInxworld)
  • Yoshi Mishima (Marvel)


  • Amazon (Marvel)
  • Amy Chen (Marvel)
  • Andy Jones (DC)
  • Anna (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Annie and Nibble (Eros Comix)
  • Batwoman (DC)
  • Cactus Jaq & Sahara Skyhawk (DC)
  • Captain Marvel IV (Marvel)
  • Captain Power (Marvel)
  • Catatrophe Jen (Marvel)
  • Closet Space (DC)
  • Coagula (Vertigo)
  • Cobweb (ABC)
  • Damazons (DC)
  • Donner and Blitzen (Milestone)
  • Dr. Allison Mann (Vertigo)
  • Fauna and Syonide (DC)
  • Fighting Yank & Ms. Masque (ABC)
  • Flying Fox (Homage)
  • George Harkness & Phoebe (Vertigo)
  • Grendel (Dark Horse)
  • Hazel and Foxglove (Vertigo)
  • Holly Robinson (DC)
  • Jack Phantom (ABC)
  • Jolly Roger (Vertigo)
  • Karma (Marvel)
  • Karolina Dean (Marvel)
  • Kay Watson (Vertigo)
  • Knockout (DC)
  • Leather and Lace (Marvel)
  • Lee and Li (DC)
  • Lightspeed (Marvel)
  • Lisa (Marvel)
  • Maggie Sawyer (DC)
  • Magical Witch Girl Bunny (Slave Labor)
  • Marisa Rahm (Milestone)
  • Mary Loo (DC)
  • Meg Chancellor (Vertigo)
  • Melissa Maro (Marvel)
  • Molly Von Richthofen (Marvel)
  • Moondragon (Marvel)
  • Purgatori (Chaos)
  • Rebecca Bergier (Marvel)
  • Rebecca Cross (Marvel)
  • Renee Montoya (DC)
  • Rita Boyd (DC)
  • Roger Dascombe (DC)
  • Rose Copen (Vertigo)
  • Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus (Kodansha/Mixx)
  • Sanjak
  • Scandal (DC)
  • Sihouette (DC)
  • Sunfire II (Marvel)
  • Tara Algren and Bethany Flynn (Marvel)
  • Tristan and Isolde (DC)
  • Valerie Susan Page (DC)
  • Victoria Montesi (Marvel)
  • Willow and Tara (Dark Horse)

...and that doesn't count the bisexual and ambiguous characters.

I hope Creed is an interesting character, but he will not be the first gay superhero.

(thanks the The Gay League for the lists)

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Exploring: The Incredible Hulk

Review of: The Incredible Hulk Overall Rating: 9.0   The Incredible Hulk

Finally not another origin story! The Incredible Hulk was a good movie and fun to watch but not as good as Iron Man. I'm really pleased to see Marvel's positive influence on these projects. The movie is an exciting ride with a nice balance between action, drama, and suspense that carried me through the emotions of the story. There are some problems with the story line and maintaining the immaculate reality of the experience but overall they kept true to the spirit of the Hulk and I really appreciate that.

The Incredible Hulk is a tale about Bruce Banner the Geneticist and his quest for a cure for a condition that turns him into a raging monster known as the Hulk. All the while the military is hunting down Bruce Banner so that they can learn how to control the Hulk and use Bruce’s research to create super soldiers. In the end they only create an even more deadly monster known as The Abomination.


  • The opening credits is brilliant: they cover the origin story in a few minutes and put in a lot of fun references.
  • The way they ease us into the hulk: His first appearance is mostly from the shadows with only glimpses to help acclimate the audience with his look.
  • the way they show the bullets and darts just bending and bouncing off of his skin. The really neat thing is that they do show on occasion lacerations in the hulks skin when the attack is sever enough to merit it. The 50 caliber rounds looked awesome when they dented his skin.
  • The emotion that they were able to animate into the Hulk was amazing. Like Gollum before him the Hulk was really able to connect on an emotional level with the audience.
  • The Cameos: Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno
  • I liked the references subtly placed throughout the movie to Stark Industries, Nick Fury, and S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • They used most of the Hulk's famous lines / attacks in a tasteful and story appropriate manner.
  • The very end / the last page: not going to give a spoiler but after seeing it you will get it.

Dislikes / Concerns

  • The skin of the hulk was too gelatinous and too textured: probably due to rendering or compositing issues because the animation was so well done.
  • The love scene: it was funny but distracted me from the movie and shattered the immaculate reality. Personally I had a Mallrats moment and Brodie wouldn't get out of my head.
  • The story had some issues: I didn't like the mcguffin of the cure and found the Emil Blonsky story line far more interesting and would have like it more if that became the dominate storyline.
  • The end helicopter scene shown in the trailer still bothered me and seeing it in context didn't save it. I realize they needed a tension relief and I did chuckle because it was a funny moment but it completely took me out of the story and reminded me I was watching a film not experiencing it.

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