Animation Verses Prejudice

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John The Rogue Demon Hunter asks:

With all the Buffy and Angel cast getting older, would the fans being willing to accept further adventures in the animation style of Star Wars: The clone Wars?

Fans would be willing to accept further adventures of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly in an animation style.  The bigger question is would the general public accept further adventures in animation style?  Would the studios have the patience to back and distribute further adventures in animation style?

Joss Whedon has already transitioned those settings and characters into a comic format.  There is great acceptance and love for the continuation of the series in print comic form.  This leaves a short step to move from print to animation.

The current success of animated shows both on TV and in the direct to DVD markets also support the plausibility of doing more animated shows.  Clone Wars had a rocky start getting accepted though most of it was due to the new style they used in animation that took some getting used to.  The Simpsons had a lucky start with "bartmania" that still gets large ratings decades latter.  Both DC and Marvel’s direct to DVD animated movies prove both quality in animated projects and how they can cater to the adult market.

We face several problems that are hindering future projects.

General Public Prejudice

The general public in the American market has a prejudice against animated shows.  When first approaching an animated show they presume it is for children not adults.  Many don’t even bother to give those shows the time of day unless they are bringing their kids to watch it.

Though this public prejudice has decreased some in recent years it is still rampant.  I could not count the number of adults that give subtle nonverbal clues of disdain when they find out I’m watching Clone Wars or Planet Hulk.  Others still voice their prejudice by replying “I thought that was a show for kids?”

Many creators of animated projects have their demons to wrestle with too.  First, before the project is even done they have to admit they won’t win any prizes for the work due to the prejudice in viewing it as less no matter how brilliant and deserving.  Look at Avatar, the movie would have been better going full animation but instead it went with live action parts so that it could be a “movie with cool special effects”.

This prejudice holds back studios from giving a green light to an animated project that is not targeted toward the children / young adult markets.  This forces many good projects to include in kidsey elements and to remove some of the better adult elements.  Clone Wars season one is a great example of this problem.  The show was so much less than it could have been.  Once they got past the prejudice it got better in season two.

I Find Their Lack of Faith Most Disturbing

Because of the prejudice against animated projects they tend to take longer before picking up larger audience share.

Studios have been trending toward a less lenient policy when it comes to new projects.  They have been quick to cancel projects that don’t show immediate success.

This is a recipe for failure by proclamation instead of giving the project time to get over the inherent hurdles.

A New Hope

I hope that the American public continues to learn from the Japanese, and Korean animated markets.

I hope that we continue to see the trend in the decline of prejudice against animated projects.

I would love to see the continuing adventures of Firefly and Buffy the vampire slayer in animated format.

I've always wanted a Faith The Vampire Slayer series and wrote up a series outline. Maybe one day I will hook up with some animators.

I hope John finds some animator to help him with his Faith the Vampire Slayer project and that they then check in with us for many more projects.

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Simpson's World of Tomorrow

I love retro-future videos so when the Simpsons gave us one I had to share it!  Watch the clip above.

I still can't wait for the day when the machine is developed that will wash me, shave me, do my hair, and dress me in the morning.

BTW:  Where is my flying car?

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Futurama and Simpsons Holiday Savings

Good news everyone! – Farnsworth

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Don’t worry I’m not going to send you on a suicide mission to collect space honey nor enthrall you with the many wonderful smells of the universe.  I did want to pass along some savings that even Conrad would be impressed with.

I love watching Futurama it’s a great show.  Often I find myself comparing my friends to the different characters in the show.  For me I’m somewhere between Fry, Conrad and Zoidberg which says all kinds of sad and weird things about me.

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SF TV Series To Watch This Fall

Ghost Hunters
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With so many Speculative Fiction shows and new shows coming out this fall I thought I could help sort them all out.

Currently Airing

  • Eureka (Syfy):  A fun sci-fi show.  Love it, watch it on Hulu
  • Ghost Hunters (Syfy):  Fascinating exploration of U.S. ghost stories and haunting investigation.  Love it watch it on Hulu
  • Warehouse 13 (Syfy):  A fun sci-fi show that adds a dash of paranormal into it.   Love it, watch it on Hulu


  • Glee (FOX):  loved the pilot, a nice feel good musical tale with a dash of fantasy.
  • Destination Truth (Syfy):  Loved the previous seasons can’t wait to see what Josh and the gang get into this season.  Hopefully nothing from Chernobyl bit Josh.


  • The Vampire Diaries (CW):  A vampire is in it so I have to check it out but I don’t have much hope.  I realize it is not a Twilight clone (I have been schooled on that subject, lol) yet I can only hope that it is way better then Twilight.
  • Supernatural (CW):  I’m a sucker for a paranormal show involving demon hunters so this is on my check out list because I also realize there are a lot of bad ones out there as well.
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  • The Forgotten (ABC): I don’t have much hope for this show, mainly I’m concerned this will turn out to be yet another show for people who don’t like sci-fi to watch.


  • Eastwick (ABC):  The trailers looks really good, they captured the essence of the movie so well in the promotional material I’m looking forward to watching it.


  • Dollhouse (FOX):  Season one rocked!!! A must see
  • Smallville (CW): I could appreciate the concept behind Smallville but until this season just didn’t care enough bout the show to want to watch it but with Callum Blue joining the cast this year I think I may start watching it.


  • The Simpsons (FOX):  If you don’t know then I’m at a loss for words.


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  • Stargate Universe (Syfy):  I started out not caring much about this show, but as more came out and especially the latest trailers I’m excited to watch it.
  • Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters (Cartoon):  Season two of George Lucas' animated Star Wars tales covering the era of the Clone Wars.  The animation style is a unique style that has been difficult for some to get into but worth it.  The story is really good though lighter because the show is marketed more towards a kid audience I have hope that the second season will get better.


  • Ugly Betty (ABC):  What an amazing retelling of the classic fantasy tale
  • Sanctuary (Syfy):  The original web series was good.  The first season was awesome so of course I’m looking forward to season two.


  • V (ABC):  I enjoyed growing up with the original show V and it is one that could use a retelling, plus Morena Baccarin.

November 7

  • Legend of the Seeker (syndication):  Season one was so good I can’t wait to see how season two unfolds.

I find it interesting that all of the speculative fiction programming out there are on either sy-fy, Fox, CW, or ABC.

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DVD Releases: August 18, 2009

Out this week we have three DVDs to feature:  The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season, Eli Stone: The Complete Second Season, Wyvern. simpsons-12

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DIY Crafts: Hula Darth Vader


Buddy Christ
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The ultimate crafting project for your car for Star Wars fans… a Darth Vader Hula Girl for your dash!  Build your own and see Vader shaken’ his groove thing in your own car.

He gives step by step simple instructions and includes pictures with each step.  The best part is the short video after the instructions showing Hula Vader in action with the driver playing the imperial march in the background… brilliant!  Check out the instructions here. I’ve got to make one of these and then alternate it with my Buddy Christ and Homer Simpson.

(via Star Wars Crafts)

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Simpson Superhero Fan Art

supersimpsons Lion-O-Thundercats Dean T. Fraser has drawn a brilliant set of Superheroes in the style of the Simpsons at his blog, Springfield Punx.  They are giggle inducing.

He has just started what might become a Thundercats series.  You should definitely check out the blog if for no other reason than to see what the world would be like if we lived in Springfield.

Dean’s art is interesting and humorous, check out his other work at

(via Gizmodo)

The Simpsons Movie is out!!!

The Simpsons Movie (Widescreen Edition)The Simpsons movie is now available on DVD. I loved this movie and will own it myself. It's like an hour and a half Simpson episode. The movie carried me through from beginning to end with such a compelling story line that it felt like only half an hour passed. There are ton's of funny moments in the film that stand on their own but for Simpson fans Matt brought back many of the running jokes from the series. You will also get to enjoy an appearance from every character in the Simpson universe, yes even Kang and Kodos!