Sanctuary Season 2

Sanctuary Second Season DVD

Sanctuary Season two is an amazing season even better then the first!

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What we got in season two

  • Find out what happens to Ashley
  • Watch the incredible dancing Will Zimmerman as he dances with darkness, death and even a god
  • Find out who the abnormal Big Bertha is and why she is such a big deal
  • Kate Freelander newest member to the sanctuary
  • Helen Magnus’ power struggle over the sanctuary
  • return of Terrance Wexford
  • John Druitt’s revenge
  • Meet the god Kahli

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Sanctuary’s Artful Moment of Kali

There are so many great moments in Sanctuary’s season two finale but the representation of the 4 armed Kali is breathtaking.  The scene is when Will visits with Kali in the temple.  She is sitting in the bath with two arms above the water and using the reflection in the water to make two more arms appear on her.  It’s an amazing artful way to represent the 4 armed Kali without breaking the immaculate reality of the setting.

Removing of Maya

Kali Image via Wikipedia

The symbolism put into this scene is also brilliant.  Having a naked Kali symbolizes her as beyond the covering of Maya, the illusions that is the reality around us.  Having her bring Will into the same state symbolizes how he is moving beyond all of the illusions surrounding the struggle of the current situation and danger.  This is also the scene where Will learns / realizes how to get Kali’s control away from those who would use her to destroy everything.

Divine Knowledge vs. Human Ego

The four armed Kali is also significant in the scene.  The four arms represent: Divine Knowledge, Human Ego, Fearlessness and Blessing.

Divine Knowledge and Human Ego are in conflict.  Human Ego must be slain in order to gain freedom from the cycle of life and death.  This is the struggle that is going on between Will who represents Knowledge, soon to be Divine Knowledge after Maya is removed and Edward Forsythe who represents Human Ego.

Kali’s Other Forms

It will be fun to see how they resolve Kali’s rage when season three of Sanctuary starts up.

In the season two finale we get to start with a Mahakali where kali is a great being content to be left alone.  After agitation we get to meet Dakasinakali.  It is the destructive face of Kali.  The one who dances with a destructive frenzy which we see in the wave unleashed upon the earth.

In season three I wonder if we will get to see the story of the Maternal Kali play out.  This is where the infant Shiva goes onto the battlefield and cries.  Dakasinakali sees his need and ceases her dance of destruction to take care of the helpless infant.  This would be Will in danger from the wave crying out in need calming Kali and getting her nurturing side to come through.

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Sanctuary Kali and a Megatsunami

Sanctuary season two ended bringing up one a subject that both fascinates and freaks me out. ***  Warning this post will have some spoilers for Sanctuary season two episode Kali (Part 2).  ***

I loved getting to see Kali in action especially after they angered her and she sent out the wave.  It was a brilliant way to end the episode, I can’t wait to see season three.

The wave fascinates me because it brings up one of my most favorite subjects Megatsunami.  But to get there we should look at the size and scope of what has been unleashed.


Kali is about 50’ tall.  This is known from two different sources.  First we can use the submarine as a size reference.  I love that they put in the submarine for size reference.   Los Angeles class submarine is 33’ high (beam).  A Typhoon class submarine is 23’ high (beam) this gives us a submarine height range of 23’ –33’ and Kali is about two times taller then the sub.  This would put Kali between 40’ –60’ tall or more simply put about 50’ tall.

The second method is more direct because they tell us her height in the commentary podcast.  Not as much fun especially hearing the answer after I went through the fun from the second method but a nice confirmation.

With Kali’s height we can determine the height of the Island that she is standing on.  The Island is about 3 times taller then kali making it about 150’ tall.

The wave is about the height of Kali plus the island she is standing on.  This puts it at about 200’.


So how bad is A 200’ wave.

To put a 200’ wave hitting the shore we can look at two historical events.  The first one shows the upper reach of the wave.  In 1972 Japan when a volcano eruption and resulting landslide caused a 300’ megatsunami which killed 15,00 people from the local fishing villages.  The second event shows the devastation on the smaller scale.  The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake caused a 100’ tall tsunami.

The disturbing part to consider is that the 2004 tsunami started as a wave in the ocean about 1’ high.  When the wave reached the shoreline and hit the ocean shelf it was pushed up to it’s 100’ height.  This adjusts the scope of that megatsunami that kali started.

Potential height 2,000’

If we follow the simple jump in height from the 2004 tsunami of 1 to 100 then a 200’ wave becomes 2,000’ tall.  This would make it higher then the 1958 megatsunami in Lituya Bay Alaska which reached 1,720’ high.  For fun some other height comparisons

  • 2,000 Potential Kali megatsunami
  • 1,454 Empire State Building
  • 746 Golden Gate Bridge

For me it’s the fact that the megatsunami grow to tremendous height once reaching the shoreline that both fascinate and freaks me out.  I will be curious to see how Dr. Magnus and the Sanctuary gang handle the devastation that Kali unleashed when season three starts up.

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Review: Sanctuary 206 Fragments

One of the Sanctuary's research scientists is viciously attacked by a seemingly docile Abnormal. While Magnus tries to save the life of the scientist, Henry investigates the origin of the creature's uncharacteristic behavior. Sanctuary 206 Fragments airs November 13, 2009.

Fragments trailer

What did you think about Episode 206 Fragments?

Let me know in the comments below what you like, dislike and are your favorite moments?

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Sanctuary Season 2 Trailer 2

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The second trailer for season 2 of Sanctuary.  Season 2 will air on October 9th 2009.

This is a fun video with some excellently placed teasers.  They bring up the Cabal and their desire to bring down the sanctuary.  I like the introduction of Kate Freelander the new addition to the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Season 2

Sanctuary-season2The Sanctuary is a place of refuge, a safe haven, for those that are different from humans.  Known as Abnormals they are non-human intelligent creatures and humans with genetic variants.  They range from the cute to the extremely dangerous. Dr. Helen Magnus, a 157-year-old English scientist, and her team of experts run the Sanctuary.  They try to help the Abnormals and learn from them.  Working toward a peaceful existence between the humans and the Abnormals.

The show follows the adventures of Dr. Magnus and her staff as they struggle to bring harmony between the world of the humans and that of the Abnormals.  This difficult task because of the more dangerous Abnormals like Vampires and Nubbins is complicated further when the Cabal goes on the move.  A shadow organization with desires to spark a war between the humans and Abnormals the Cabal desires to see the extinction of all Abnormals.

Sanctuary is a great contemporary fantasy show with a polder society full of a wonderful array of exotic creatures.  I loved the episode with the Yeti, their portrayal of vampires and werewolves.  Sanctuary is also not afraid to tackle those social issues which makes for great speculative fiction, never being afraid of asking what if and exploring it thoroughly.

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Sanctuary was originally an independent production which used a web publication model.  After their first season became a big hit the show was bought up by Sci-Fi channel.  They did some re-writes did some new shots and aired what is now referred to as the first season.

Looking Forward at Sanctuary Season 2

  • Finding out what happened to Ashley Magnus, who changed after being kidnapped by the Cabal at the end of the first season.
  • Many more Abnormals including an oil rig extraction.
  • The conflict between the Cabal and the Sanctuary heightens.
  • The Tokyo Sanctuary.

For more read:  Looking Forward At Sanctuary Season 2

Sanctuary Season 2 Trailer 1


  • Helen Magnus  Played by Amanda Tapping
  • Will Zimmerman Played by Robin Dunne
  • Henry Foss Played by Ryan Robbins
  • Kate Freelander Played by Agam Darshi
  • John Druitt aka Jack the Ripper Played by Christopher Heyerdahl
  • Nikola Tesla Played by Jonathan Young
  • Clara Griffin Played by Christine Chatelain
  • Ashley Magnus  Played by Emilie Ullerup

More on the cast and picture here

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Looking Forward At Sanctuary Season 2


What we can expect from season two of Sanctuary:

  • Things are in disarray:  The characters are just trying to figure out "How do we move on from here and keep things together?"
  • We are going to learn more about Will and his history.
  • A growing romance between Will and Clara.  Look at Trailer #2

The Darkness in Season two

  • The Cabal is out there and now has a new recruit Ashley... maybe
  • Find out what is happening to Ashley.  Is she infiltrating the Cabal or has she succumbed to her fathers mental illness and gone psycho killer.
  • Particularly for Will:  “There's definitely more of a darkness to Will, and he's kind of wrestling with some demons. That's going to be further explored, so what's happening in the present is going to clash with some of the things he's buried.”

Something New

  • Kate Freelander is introduced as a new member of the Sanctuary after falling out of favor with the Cabal.
  • See the Tokyo Sanctuary!  “There's going to be some major global problems with some of the other sanctuaries.”

While waiting for season 2 to start watch season one of Sanctuary streaming online here.