Richard Hefter

Which Sweet Pickles character are you?

Can what you read as a child mold your personality? Or are you drawn to certain images, books, and movies from birth?

When I was a kid, I had a collection of books called Sweet Pickles. I loved these books because inside the front cover was a list of all the animals who lived in the town, A-Z. Inside the back cover, there was a map of the whole town with labels on each building to tell you where each animal lived along with key buildings like the bank, the hospital etc... If you were a dorky kid like me, you would read the book and then when the rabbit when to work, you’d quickly flip to the back, find rabbit’s house, and trace the path to the bank. Yes, I know I’m a nerd.

A few years ago, my friends were making fun of me about how I love to make schedules, lists, and generally plan out everything. This instantly put me in mind of Rabbit from the Sweet Pickles series. Rabbit is the busy kind of bloke who has a large schedule on his wall of what he is going to do the whole day. When I was a kid, I could stare at that schedule for hours. Yes, again, I know I am a nerd.

I ended up finding the book, Rest Rabbit Rest, on ebay and bought it immediately. Showing it to my friends, I said, “See? Look… there is someone as crazy as me, who likes schedules and task listing!” After they reminded me the “someone” was an overgrown rabbit in a track suit, they also pointed out that the story Rest Rabbit Rest is about his friends trying to get him to slow down. They all thought it was an excellent illustration of how someone who has tons of schedules is insane. When Rabbit’s friends finally get him to rest, he is calm and happy. And then ten seconds later he’s making a schedule again. A lot of people think this tale is about needing to slow down and smell the roses. Besides the fact that flowers make me sneeze, I found the true moral of the story was that you can’t change someone’s nature. And if you’re a real friend, you won’t try. Leave me to my schedules and time pieces and go on with your bad lazy self!

I’ll leave you with one final thought and that’s the line on the last page of Rest Rabbit Rest. “Rest is a sensible idea,” said Rabbit. “And I will… as soon as I make a resting schedule.”

Rest Rabbit Rest was written by Jacquelyn Reinach & illustrated by Richard Hefter To learn more about the Sweet Pickles books and find out which Sweet Pickles character you might be, go to the Wikipedia link here.