DVD Releases: January 20th, 2009


  • Children of the Stones:  This one looks interesting, I’m getting a H.P. Lovecraft feel from the description and although I haven’t seen it I am curious and will have to rent it.  Astrophysicist Adam Brake and his teen son Matthew investigate the roots of a mysterious stone circle in the quiet British village of Milbury, where they encounter the sinister Rafael Hendrick and entranced villagers known as "the happy ones." Spooky turns to sinister as science and the supernatural collide
  • City of Ember: going on my rent list, I don’t expect a lot from this one but I have to know.  More on City of Ember here
  • Max Payne:  I started out not interested in this movie but then the trailers got me excited just not enough to see it in the theaters though I think I’m still going to rent it but I’m still on the fence.  If you have seen it let me know what you thought in the comments.  more on Max Payne here
  • Moonlight - The Complete Series:  Vampire fans sink your teeth into the series about a private eye vampire series.  Moonlight looked promising but Forever Knight still holds my heart for a vampire cop show.
  • Primal Fear:  This looks cool.  The History Channel examines the most common primal fears and try to explain why they actually scare you.
  • Pigface: Glitch/Son of a Glitch:  Great industrial band with a delightful sinister sense of humor.  This DVD has live performances that features:  "Weightless," "Suck," "Seven Words," "Auto Hag," "Murder Inc." and more.

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