Neilsen’s Ratings: A Lesson For The Studios

decabled450Neilsen put out their 3rd quarter report and there are some interesting trends I hope the studios notice.  Don’t fear online viewership it’s an asset. the third quarter DVR use and online video grew 21.1 percent and 34.9 percent respectively, year-over-year, according to the latest Nielsen A2/M2 Three Screen Report.

The rise in time shifted viewership is a trend the studios need to take advantage of.  What appears to be the main resistance to streaming online content is the fear that it takes away from appointment viewership.  Although there is a slight loss due to the shift the rise in viewership is far larger then the loss.

Regular appointment TV ratings have dropped over the past decade because of:

  • Alternative work schedules / rise in 2nd and 3rd shift workers
  • Working multiple jobs
  • Rise of the MMO
  • Rise in decabled audience

Where is this rise in viewership coming from?  The audience share that has other things to do at the appointed time of the regular show.  Those who are curious about what’s on in their spare time and want to see what their friends are talking about.  Those who are decabled.

I hope the studios realize that their cash cow isn’t dying it’s just started feeding in several different pastures.

(via NewTeeVee)

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