Superhero's to Invade Nicktoons'

200px-Sentinelnightree Nicktoons' will be a station to watch latter this year and next year. They plan to show an animated Speed Racer show which will premier on May 2nd. The name of the show will be Speed Racer: The Next Generation. In the Fall Cartoon Network & TNT will show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Which I must I Will See!

Then in 2009 they have plans to show Iron Man: The Animated Series and Wolverine and the X-Men. They will consist of twenty six 1/2 hour episodes. That will make for a nice full season. sometimes I get depressed when a season is only thirteen episodes but I guess that is the case with things you love and when you don't like the project thirteen episodes is way too much.

I am concerned about what they have planned for the Iron Man film although I'm not in their demographic the idea of making a child version of Stark. On the other hand I am more excited about the X-Men cartoon than the X-Men movie maybe it will be more like the 1992 X-Men animated series and the Sentinel story line.

For Nicktoons, the interpretation translates into a teen Iron Man, a superhero closer in age to the network's young viewers. The X-Men cartoon sees Wolverine thrust into the role of reluctant leader, as the beaten-down heroes must try to prevent a future world ruled by destructive robots.

(via USAToday)