My Best friend's A Vampire

DVD Releases: April 14th, 2009

Out this week we have two DVD’s to feature: My Best Friend's a Vampire, The Spirit

  • My Best Friend's a Vampire:  This movie is a must own for any vampire fans and fans of 80’s cinema.  I wore out two VHS copies and now am thankful I can have it on DVD.  Now for the even better news it’s streaming on Netflix for those of you who have not watched this movie
  • The Spirit:  It’s out on DVD though I will not even rent this one.  I have heard nothing but bad things about The Spirit.  I would love to hear from someone who liked this movie.  Let me know what qualities about this movie are worth experiencing. Watch The Trailer here in the P:S HQ For more on The Spirit read Theater or Renter: December 2008

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