Kudos Maine Office of Tourism Featuring Cryptozoology

The Main Office of Tourism website gets a tip of the hat today for featuring the International Cryptozology Museum on their site (Maine Office of Tourism website).

icm_map_local1They did this without any approach from the museum, and we find this encouraging in terms of our efforts to elevate the public educational mission of the museum, as a gateway to adventure and scientific exploration for tourists, travelers, and Maine residents.

It’s always nice to see the main stream engage in adventures of imagination and mystery recognizing that need in all of us.

It’s important for those state and public resource site to not only feature the touristy places, theme parks, commercial centers but also the more abstract cultural spots as well.


(via Cryptomundo)

Star Wars On Display!

vaderA long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away a museum exhibit opened featuring both light and dark side artifacts- well not so long ago February 9th and well most would agree that Philadelphia & Brussels are not in a galaxy far, far away. Two new Star Wars exhibits will be on display.. the one in Philadelphia is called Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination & in Brussels it is titled Star Wars: The Exhibition. Is it ironic coincidence that that the Sith promotional poster was given to the American exhibit and the Jedi was given to the Belgium exhibit or was it because that is the imagery that would appeal to their respective audiences and if so what does that say about us here as American audiences or was it just chance. Hmmm.... maybe I should just be mindful of the living force and not dwell so much on the future...

bg2This exhibit will be really cool with props, original costumes, models, vehicles, and art from all six of the movies. What is also interesting is that the American exhibit is looking at it from the perspective of taking the "fantasy tech" and how we are making it real today with in depth looks at robots and speeders- I hope this means that my next vehicle can be a speeder. And the Belgium exhibit is looking at the artistry, story telling and making of epic movies.

Hmmmm... well If I would have to choose I would choose both exhibits but to choose only one that would be difficult. Which exhibit excites you more? The one looking at the tech aka robots and speeders or the one looking at art and story.

(via Star Wars)