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Review: Kings 102 Prosperity

Review of:  Kings: Prosperity  Kings - Kings, Season 1 Overall Rating: 9

A peace treaty signing ceremony could be jeopardized when the leader of the Gath military inquires as to why David Shepherd isn't there. Tensions mount as King Silas and General Abner come up with a plan to get rid of David, while William plans to get rid of King Silas.  Watch the episode streaming online above.

  • Great symbolic beginning
  • The message of this episode “Don’t Go”
  • There is comic relief so the show is not all bleak and dramatic
  • Miguel Ferrer as a general for Gath… brilliant!
  • I love the use of the doves
  • The courtly politics are amazing to watch
  • This show reminds me so much of Ike and his warnings against the military industrial complex.  Great corporatist line… “This country is at it’s best when it has a leader that listens to me.”
  • What do you think was Michelle’s vow?

Great Magic Realism Moments

  • Shiloh with a storm overhead raining on king Silas and the king crying to the heavens only to be rejected and the only shaft of light closes.
  • The light on the wall makes a cross and David sat on the bench.  He sat at the foot of the cross.
  • The Doves are use several times in a great way.

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